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10-21-2000, 05:16 PM
I need to know how to make a roll over button in flash that fades in when you roll over it and fades out when you roll out. I can make it fade in just fine when you roll over the button, but I can't figure out how to make it fade out when you roll off. I've been looking for tutorials on this but can't find any.

Also, I need to make a drop down menu (not in flash). Using dhtml or whatever, Im not sure how its done. I can't seem to find a tutorial on this either.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could let me know how to do either of these, or tell me where to find tutorials on them.

10-21-2000, 06:55 PM
OK - you need to create the button inside a movie clip (so that it is the movie clip that you are actually dropping onto the screen) and then assign mouse event Actions to the button.

Create a new movie clip, place a button symbol as a frame in the movie clip.

In the timeline for the movie clip you should have 2 separate stages for the fade-in and the fade-out of the button.

For Example (in your new movie clip) -
[1] Place the 'inactive' state of the button on frame 1 of the timeline in the movie clip. Place a Label on frame 1 of 'START'.
[2] Set an Action in the first frame of the movie clip to STOP.
[3] Create your 'fade-in' animation between frames 5 and 9 in the timeline. Place a Label on frame 5 of 'FADEIN'.
[4] Create your 'fade-out' animation between frames 10 and 15 of the timeline. Place a Label on frame 10 of 'FADEOUT'.
[5] Set Action STOP on frame 10, on frame 15 set Action Go To and Stop START.
[6] Right click on your button, sellect Properties, and set the following On Mouse Event Actions: Roll Over 'Go To and Play FADEIN', Roll Out 'Go To and Play FADEOUT'.
[7] Drop the movie clip wherever you need the button in your main movie.

Think this is all correct (?)

You can get a JavaScript menu at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
Also download and save the Microsoft homepage and look at their code in the .js files - this is the best implementation of a JavaSrcipt menu that I've seen.

Hope this helps.