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  1. That is... extremely simple. I feel so silly...

    That is... extremely simple. I feel so silly now. *blush*

    Anyway thanks a lot! This will save me quite some time. :)
  2. How can I quickly "distribute images to frames"?

    Say I have like 50 images in my library named pic_001 to pic_050.

    I just want to put them all in 50 different frames, in numerical order. This seems like a simple enough action to do, but I can't...
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    CS3 Flash crashing on start up

    Hi I have the portable version of Adobe Flash CS3 and it worked fine until my computer crashed while I was testing a movie (if it matters), and since then Flash always crashes when I run it. :mad:
  4. CS3 update

    Ok so I've managed to correct a lot of the big mistakes and also cleaned up the script:

    It starting to look good. But I still haven't figured out two...
  5. CS3 [Problem] Character movement script for a game

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section. But I'm looking for help with my actionscript coding. I'm fairly new to Flash. I've only scripted some simple websites so far and this is the first time I...
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