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  1. AS 2 74083

  2. Hi Wabbit, i'm not able to understand clearly,...

    Hi Wabbit,

    i'm not able to understand clearly,

    My steps are:

    I convert CD movie clip and actionscript event i add below code. ( My process is when i rotate the globe use by mouse and at the...
  3. Hi Wabbit, The AE Movie clip actionscript...

    Hi Wabbit,

    The AE Movie clip actionscript change to:

    i remove this code:
    /* onEnterFrame = function(){ AE._rotation+=2; } */

    i add below code, but still i'm not able to combine these two...
  4. how to combine two movie clip and rotate together in flash action script 2.0


    I have two movie clips.

    I have attached screen shot of movie clip.

    1. Movie clip : CD

    below code rotate globe by mouse control.
  5. AS 2 dynamic content creation from an object using actionscript

    Hi Wabbit,

    i have attached my project screen shot, and i have to display dynamic text for when i click the object. 74073

    Thanks for your support.

    You say you want to display information...
  6. AS 2 Using mouseover to display information using flash actionscript 2.0

    below code : rotate by mouse

    onEnterFrame = function(){



    getmouse = function (mc:MovieClip):Number{
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