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  1. Submit your flash game automatically to 303 game websites for free

    Are you tired spending days of work submitting your flash game manually to game websites so it can make you money?

    Now you can submit your flash game automatically to 303 game websites where you...
  2. Make much more money on your flash games

    Hi guys
    As a game developer I was so tired using more time submitting my game to online game sites then on the game itself. However, I knew it was necessary if I wanted to make money on my game, so...
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    [F8] help to score counter

    I have some problems making a score counter in my flash 8 movie, so I hope somebody can help me!

    The score counter should give the player a point, each time the player reach frame 40 or 50 in my...
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    thanks a_modified_dog

    Hi a_modified_dog

    and thanks for your help!
    I know the description of my game was a little short, so I wrote this code instead:
    The code on frame 1 is untouched

    and the code on the frames...
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    Game Timer Problems


    I am doing this game in flash 8 proffesionel, but my timer creates a lot of problems. I have been looking everywhere for help, but without any luck.

    First I placed a dynamic textfield at...
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