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  1. Need help writing function, with a timer

    I'm pretty new to actionscript. I'm making a flash piece that has a particle system (flint particles) that's working pretty well... I want to write a function that uses a rollover and rollout even...
  2. Right... Currently there is a stop on frame 1,...

    Right... Currently there is a stop on frame 1, and on the last frame.

    So on rollover it goes to frame 2 and plays to the end... but currently if you rollover again, it goes back to frame 2 and...
  3. Checking if animation has already happened in AS3.

    In my project, I have an animation play on rollover, but I only want it to be able to happen once... So I want to disable the rollover code if it's already happened once (and have the mc that...
  4. That did it! Thanks!

    That did it! Thanks!
  5. No dice, tried that and am getting the same...

    No dice, tried that and am getting the same issue. It puts it in the correct position initially but it doesn't move when you drag the controller.
  6. Making a movieclip move in relationship to another mc that's being dragged.

    So I have a slider that's controlling an animation that inside a mc. That's all working fine. I want the inside of the "track" that the slider is on to fill with color as it's being dragged to the...
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    gotoAndPlay a nested movieclip?

    I'm using AS2. On my main timeline I have a mc called parent_mc, inside that I have a mc called child_mc. In child_mc I have a stop on frame one, and an animation playing on frame 2 of the timeline....
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    Using Cue Points in FLV

    So I'm sort of a beginner and trying to do something that seems like it should be fairly simple, but am having trouble finding any help online.

    I used Adobe Media Encoder to put a cue point in my...
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    I figured out how to get the mc to follow my...

    I figured out how to get the mc to follow my cursor with this code...

    this.onMouseMove = function() {
    this.stripe_mc._y=_root._ymouse; ...
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    Mouse tracking help

    I have a movieclip on the stage that's acting as a mask with an instance name of 'mask_mc'. It's a 160x600 box.

    I would like to have an onEnterFrame function, that tracks the mouse's Y position...
  11. Creating Rollover Effect w/ nested movieclips

    I'm using AS2...
    Ok so on the main timeline I have two movieclips. One is called exitBtn and one is called back_mc. Then, there is a mc inside of back_mc that's called cta.

    I want the cta...
  12. Create a vibrate/wiggle effect with AS2?

    I'm kind of an AS noob. I'm an after effects guy, and looking for something similar to the wiggle effect in that if anyone here is familiar with both.

    Basically I just want my moveiclip (called...
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    Rollover Effects in AS3

    So I am working on a piece that has a video in it... And when the video finishes playing I have a button that fades on... That much is working.

    Now I want a little rollover effect on the button (a...
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    Playing video on iPad using CS5.5

    I am creating an app in flash for the iPhone and iPad. I have some flv video's that I am trying to play. I've found some code that I've read should work for the new version of flash but I'm not...
  15. Hmm, I tried this and I'm still having trouble. ...

    Hmm, I tried this and I'm still having trouble. I put in your code in my .xml, and I clicked the box to display html in my text box in flash and in the spot where the text was supposed to display it...
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  17. No help? I'm totally stuck here guys... any help...

    No help? I'm totally stuck here guys... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Adding a link in a .xml that's being pulled into flash

    This is my first time using XHTML so I'm a little confused. Oh and I'm in Flash CS3 using AS 2.0

    I have a 3D carousel that's displaying some web pages. When they're clicked on they come forward...
  19. Making a Play/Pause Button as well as a Mute/Unmute Btn

    Ok so I have a little video made, it uses some embedded videos, moving images/type, etc. and it's all synced up to music. There's also some sound effects in there synced to the video as well.

  20. Can I preview Sound in Flash, so I can synch events to it?

    I'm making a little animation, and I want to have certain events happen when certain notes hit in the music...

    Is there a way to scrub through the timeline and preview the sound so I know when to...
  21. Strange red square showing up in .swf?

    I'm making a pretty simple flash animation for work not using any actionscript. I'm importing layers from a PSD to do it.

    When I'm working on the .fla I don't see anything unexpected, but when I...
  22. Sort of a General getting into flash question...

    I consider myself to be fairly new to flash. I think I know the basics... and I've made one flash website before (my portfolio), but a lot of times I feel like I'm not doing things the right way, or...
  23. Adding a rollover state to a movieclip

    I have a flash piece with a number of shapes/text that are movieclips, that take you to various sections when clicked. I'd like the text to change color when you roll-over them.

    I know you can...
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    Masking part of a video

    I have a flash site that has some FLV videos playing on certain pages... All of my images are in rectangles with rounded corners...

    Is there a way to put a mask over the video so that it plays...
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