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  1. Can a shape moving along a motion guide path be used as a mask to reveal type within?

    I am using cs6 and would like to create a spotlight effect revealing some type within a moving circle. I can do it as long as the circle moves along a straight line but I can not seem to get the mask...
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    Here is the solution

    Found the answer to this is to check "allow smoothing" in image options. (Just had to double click the image icon in the library and check that box.) Problem solved!
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    [RESOLVED] Jitter Within Animation


    I am using Flash CS6 and have created a simple "classic tween" for an image that is supposed to increase in size as it slides across the screen. My problem is that within Flash it plays nice...
  4. I actually found the answer and it is NO - Not...

    I actually found the answer and it is NO - Not Possible. (see link below) If anyone has a workaround that would be great.
  5. P.S. I am using CS4 and Action Script 2.

    P.S. I am using CS4 and Action Script 2.
  6. [RESOLVED] Is Scaling of FIlter Effects Possible

    I needed to convert a simple graphic symbol into a movie because I wanted to give it depth using the (gradient bevel) filter effect. The movie has to appear at different sizes in my animation but the...
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