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    Just have no idea why it would start counting...

    Just have no idea why it would start counting upwards after that first time of counting down.
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    Lives countdown issue for Flash game

    I have a simple flash game with a spaceship and enemy ships. When my player gets hit and killed, the lives text field should subtract one, and then a new ship should appear. The first time the player...
  3. I got it resolved. It came down to combining...

    I got it resolved. It came down to combining everything into one movieclip, with nested movieclips, and a lot of renaming. Thanks though.
  4. [RESOLVED] Image gallery contained in a movieclip symbol.

    I'm making a simple interactive ad. I set up an image gallery within a movieclip, so that when the movieclip is clicked, it should go to the 2nd frame of the clip where the image gallery starts....
  5. Figured this out. *SOLVED* :)

    Figured this out. *SOLVED* :)
  6. [RESOLVED] Stopping a sound when new sound starts.

    I'm making a little interactive ad. It has 4 draggable song titles, that when dropped on a target, starts the song. I'm trying to figure out how to stop the song that's playing when a new song is...
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    Actonscript to try to eliminate my scenes

    I had my flash project broken up into 3 scenes. I'm trying to get them all linked using actionscript to eliminate the individual scenes. I have the first 2 working, but am having trouble linking my...
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