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  1. Thanks, it works! :D

    Thanks, it works! :D
  2. Scale a .swf at 100%, but my MC should remain the same size!

    Hi, topic kinda says it all ;)

    I'm trying to scale my .SWF movie at 100% (no problem),
    but my movieclip (named myHand) should remain the same size!

    How do i do this? :confused:

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    :smoov: Thanx! but the problem was that i...

    :smoov: Thanx!

    but the problem was that i placed another button in my button,
    so my actionscript had to be placed on THAT button.. ;)

    Thanx again for the quick reply
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    _x position of a movieclip

    Hi there,

    Why cant i position a simple movieclip when i click a button?
    I feel like a total dork :)

    The script of the button:

    on (press) {
    setProperty (_root.eventsout, _x, 77);
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