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  1. Thank you for your answer. Sorry for not...

    Thank you for your answer. Sorry for not explaining my problem clear enough.

    My problem is that I have an array bound to a list. If I update the array I can refresh the list and changes will be...
  2. I now have found out and tested that it seems to...

    I now have found out and tested that it seems to be possible to access any object of a flex program by using the object id like this..

    var wanted_object:Object=this["id"]

  3. Hmm.. those "id" where ment to be properties of...

    Hmm.. those "id" where ment to be properties of the object but objects offcourse have the reserved word "id" for their object reference which makes that they can be accessed directly by the object...
  4. Is it possible to bind a hash of objects to a list?

    I have a ArrayCollection of objects..

    <mx:ArrayCollection id="myUserArray">
    <fx:Object id="1" name="Alfred" lastName="Smith" />
    <fx:Object id="2" name="Barney"...
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    Images in Flex 4

    I try to add an image in Flex 4 in Flashdevelop:

    <s:Image id="mydot" source="../images/1dot4aGreen.gif" x="250" y="370"></s:Image>

    The image appears correctly if I run the project from...
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    An even more simple example

    I have an even more simple example:

    var aa:int = 1;


    The above code works well in flash but not as an external file in flex why??
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    Crazy AS3 error in trivial code.

    I'm trying out some ment to be used with Wowza Media Server. I am using Flashdevelop and Flex.

    Here is the code which is an example straight from the Wowza manual (exept for the import statemant):...
  8. Differences between AS in Flex and AS in "normal" Flash.

    I have recently started to develop applications i Flex. I was surpriced to learn that the AS3 code used in normal Flash can not be directly transfered to Flex.

    As I understand it now Flex uses...
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    Simple code, confusing error

    I am new to actionscript however I am not new to programming. I use flex, as3 and Flashdevelop as developing environment. I have this simple code in an external .as file and I am trying to compile...
  10. About external actionscript and some other stuff

    Dear Flashkit forum,

    I have downloaded Adobe Flash Professional trial version and stated to use it now im trying to navigate in the jungle of

    different features to be able to do some flash...
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