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  1. Hi, Thank you for your help with this....

    Hi, Thank you for your help with this. Unfortunately, none of that solved my problem. After more research I found that session variables cannot be echoed back to flash since flash assigns a different...
  2. Alright... can you please provide an example ? of...

    Alright... can you please provide an example ? of how I would do that?
  3. I'm confused... wouldn't that only be true if I...

    I'm confused... wouldn't that only be true if I was using:

    loader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.VARIABLES?

    and also encoded the response?
  4. Weird Behavior with URLLoader + PHP Echo

    Hi experts. I'm having a bit of trouble using URLLoader with PHP echo.

    Inside my PHP script I have a session variable which I echo out. If I simply view this in a browser the value looks similar...
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    Parse XML with s: inside node???


    My xml data has some s: stuff inside the nodes (see below)

    xmlData = new XML(<myxml><s:product>
  6. followup

    It appears that this would be possible using the :

    getImageReference attribute of the text box if my src tags had the id attribute associated with them:
  7. loadComplete Event + src images in anchors


    Suppose one does:

    var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    myLoader.load(new URLRequest(xmlPath));

    myLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, processXML);

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    perfect! thanks a bunch.

    perfect! thanks a bunch.
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    but in order for that too work you need to know...

    but in order for that too work you need to know in advance how far down your children will go. That would work in the example below if I had two for loops and use that statement no doubt but if I...
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    [AS2] XML get child nodes


    I'm using the XML object in AS2. My questions is that if you do not know the structure of the xml file how can you access all the child nodes under a particular node including any child nodes...
  11. [AS2] Drag duplicated mc outside scroll pane


    I have the following piece of AS2

    myScrollPane.spContentHolder.attachMovie("sample_pattern_mc","sample_pattern_mc"+1,1,{ _x:5,_y:5,_xscale:25,_yscale:25});

    Here I'm attaching the...
  12. AS2 [access image name of movieclip?]

    suppose I drop and image : image.png onto the stage. I then convert it to an mc with the instance name image_mc.

    How do I find out the file name "image.png" from the movieclip using actionscript?...
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    Drag and Drop Drag Problem

    Hi Flash Experts,

    Please see the attached or look at the code below. My problem is that when I click the letter movieclip it does create the duplicate as it should and it starts to drag the...
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    [F5] AS.2.0 Class Question

    Hi experts,

    So I'm trying my first attempt at a class in AS 2.0. The class should just make a reflection of a movie clip.... There are no compiling errors or anythign but the reflected clip...
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