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  1. I have already done that. still says its...

    I have already done that. still says its undefined.
  2. "soScores" is undefined, only problem i can get...

    "soScores" is undefined, only problem i can get to. i know im an amateur but if you could please help me more. i just need to do this one thing :)
  3. More questions

    I thought i had posted an answer but apparantly not.

    I can't make this code connected to the code i already have and i can't seem to understand how that locally added data is written into the text...
  4. Its from...

    Its from
  5. [TRANSLATION]Need help with a translation from what i believe is an older AS version

    Hi!, im having a problem, i went online to find out a way to store a highscore locally. I found a flash file wich allowed me to understand some of it, but it doesn't explain to me what i needed...
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