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  1. more tries

    Hm surprised no responses yet - Here is another method I'm trying - for some reason, regardless of the time - it always thinks it's "game time"

    function getGameTime():void {
    var my_date:Date...
  2. Here is another method I tried.. I know something...

    Here is another method I tried.. I know something is quite right.

    var my_date:Date;

    var my_timer:Timer=new Timer(1000);
    my_timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimer);...
  3. Setting Frame in a Movieclip based on Time of day

    Hi there. I'm trying to do something that seems simple enough, but I'm a bit stuck. I'd like to run a function that is simply calling a gotoAndStop command within a movieclip when it reaches a...
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