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  1. resolved

    after a while I found out at least one way about what`s wrong with my "view shopping cart"

    Since often I see issues "resolved" but no indication of HOW TO ... I post it here for anyone...
  2. Hi fruitbeard, thanks for your reply! Yes,...

    Hi fruitbeard, thanks for your reply!

    Yes, I`ve tried that, but with settings to "0" too, one
    additional quantity will be added. So, don`t think that`s
    the solution. I remember someone else had...
  3. Error on paypal script; can someone help please

    there are two functions for the paypal shopping cart:

    1. buy now button, working fine

    on (press) {
    add ="1";
    cmd ="_cart";
    business = "";
    item_name ="Animal Clips...
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