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  1. Thanks, worked great. Although sometimes after...

    Thanks, worked great.
    Although sometimes after clicking a few times, the mouse cursor would become 'stuck' to the object, unable to let go.
    Also I'm thinking if I were to attach a button to the...
  2. Thanks for the input. Do you have a link to a...

    Thanks for the input. Do you have a link to a tutorial by any chance? I'm still relatively new to Actionscript.
  3. Typing input text, and then dragging it. AS3

    Hey, is it possible for a user to enter a frame, be able to type their name into an InputText field, and then drag it around the screen?

    If so what is the best method to do this?

  4. // SOLVED I used ...

    // SOLVED

    I used

  5. AS 3.0 - Linking to a frame from a MovieClip

    Hey guys, I'm trying to link from inside my movieclip to a frame on the main timeline.

    The ActionScript is inside the MovieClip.

    function gotoSite(e:MouseEvent):void{
  6. Replies

    Combo Box problem


    I'm attempting to take the values from three seperate combo boxes, adding them together, and then have the figure shown in a text field.

    function totalpricesubmit(e:Event):void {...
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