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    CS4 not exporting PNG correctly

    I'm a new user to CS4, and when I try to export a flash file with alpha/transparent values to PNG, the transparent qualities don't transfer over to the PNG.
    For example this image would have a solid...
  2. CS3 Sorry for the late reply, but I have to say that...

    Sorry for the late reply, but I have to say that your post is the clearest, most helpful response I have ever received over the internet. :D

    Easy to understand (even for me!), and worked...
  3. CS3 Possible to set default "Outline Color" in layer properties?

    I tend to work over light backgrounds, and use the "Convert Anchor Point Tool" a lot.

    The Outline Color for each layer changes automatically as you add them, which I am fine with, until it selects...
  4. CS3 Oh well. Thanks heaps for the reply. :)

    Oh well. Thanks heaps for the reply. :)
  5. CS3 Combining 3 different fla/swf with different framerates?

    I have three different fla/swf files, and I wish to compile them into one fla/swf for easy viewing.
    The problem is that they each have a different frame rate.

    Any way to achieve this?
  6. CS3 missing toolbar button that was in flash 8?

    I just recently started working in CS3 instead of Flash8, and noticed a button that was in Flash8 is not in CS3.
  7. CS3 How do you make buttons like this? (link inside)

    The main thing I want to know is how to make the buttons/creatures play a different animation for clicking on and off.

    Also how to animate the buttons on roll off...
  8. Looking for a certain flash web animation/character...

    I saw a web animation a while ago, but now I can't find it. I have searched for ages but cannot find any relevant information.

    From memory the character looks similar to bomberman/DAbuddy (with a...
  9. [F8] button release OR enter keypress

    I'm making a simplistic flash RPG, and we have included some quiz elements.
    When you enter this frame, the focus is in the dynamic text box, the user enters the correct number, and then clicks the...
  10. golly thats amazing

    Nice, works perfectly.

    Thanks for the time and the effort :D It's greatly appreciated. :)
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    Hope this helps

    This is how I animate fog. For smoke I would just substitute the blur filter for gradients.

    Personally I create a MC symbol, draw a grey mess with the brush tool (multiple layers looks nicer),...
  12. [RESOLVED] [F8] Is there a simpler way to code this?

    Im making a flash RPG, and I want to display one "heart" mc for each HP the user has remaining. I have the following code that works atm, but i'm sure it could be put into a case statement or...
  13. operator variable problem

    Yup, works nicely, thanks. :D

    I have attached some updated code, with an additional problem that has come up.


    switchvar = random(0);
  14. Haha. That's pretty ridiculous xD Thanks a bunch....

    Haha. That's pretty ridiculous xD Thanks a bunch. :)

    Whats the point of auto-kern?
    And why can't flash read the text box if it's turned on?
  15. [RESOLVED] [F8] Help with Input Text Variable

    answerbtn.onRelease = function()
    if (userinput == 2)
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    Sweet, thanks all. :) Greatly appreciated :D

    Sweet, thanks all. :)
    Greatly appreciated :D
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    1) I'm looking for .fla files, I can't seem to...

    1) I'm looking for .fla files, I can't seem to find any there :/

    2) Like using the Rectangle tool in flash to draw one without outlines.

    3) Pen looks like it might work, i'll have a play around...
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    A few questions.

    I love flash, and I have been using it for a while to create images.
    I have a few questions regarding flash and flashkit :)

    1) Where can I find .fla resources?
    For example, I want a simple...
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