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  1. So I'm no longer getting any error messages but I...

    So I'm no longer getting any error messages but I can't get the second popup box to load?

    Here's my code now:

    // -- ONLINE WORKFLOW --

    //Order Prep Main
  2. Adding/Removing movieclips that are nested

    So I'm trying to figure out how to create popup boxes within popup boxes. I have the first popup box figured out and I tried to just copy the code for the first box and just change the buttons and AS...
  3. loading movie clip to stage with button click AS3

    I'm trying to figure out how to load a movie clip to the stage with a button click and have the movieclip close again using a close button. Does anyone have a step by step on how to do this or links...
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    I actually figured out the first part and got the...

    I actually figured out the first part and got the box to load but now I'm having trouble closing the box again. So I have the Popup MC load in to an empty MC in the main scene. In the Popup MC I have...
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    Making an expanding and collapsing box

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a simple box that has text in it that opens when a button is clicked and then closes when a close button is clicked. I thought this would be easy to research...
  6. That's pretty cool, I think it might work. Is it...

    That's pretty cool, I think it might work. Is it possible to slow down the scrambles at all or maybe add a blur to them? Can you put the descrambled words anywhere and can you have multiple words...
  7. Descrambling random changing numbers/letters to make words

    I'm trying to figure out how create a flash animation where you have a bunch of random numbers/letters constantly changing and then have words spelled out of the random numbers and letters. I've seen...
  8. external swfs not loading after embedded on html page?

    I have a third party swf file that loads other swfs in to it. When I put it on our server and embed it in other pages it no longer loads the external swfs just the main one. When I type the direct...
  9. Drag and Drop game with only two targets

    I created a drag and drop activity where their are five boxes that are supposed to go in to two columns in any order. I used this tutorial to build it...
  10. closing a movie clip with a mouse click?

    I have a button that loads a movie clip and I want to be able to close that same movieclip by clicking anywhere.

    This is my code so far:

    btn_2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goBio);...
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    loading mc into empty mc

    I did this many years ago and I tried searching for this but did not find what I was looking for. I basically have a group of buttons and I want the buttons to load movie clips into an empty mc and...
  12. Creating a label and identify diagram activity

    Does anyone know of a tutorial that shows how to create a label and identify diagram activity. So for example you have an image of a heart and you have lines coming from the different parts of the...
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    movie clip as a button in AS2

    So I want to make some movie clips function as buttons to load some external swfs. I have this action script on the mc's:

    on (release)
    loadMovie("Chuck.swf", "motionmc");

    It was working...
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    Unloading Multiple MC's in AS2

    AS2. So I have several buttons that load external swfs into their own movie clips, but each movie clip needs to close before the next one is loaded. When I tried doing this:

    on (release)
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    Here's a screen shot with one of the buttons...

    Here's a screen shot with one of the buttons selected and the AS that's associated with it.

    on (release)
    loadMovie("FlexiGallery/gallery.swf", "emptymc");
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    Error loading swf into empty mc

    I'm trying to load a swf gallery inside an empty mc, but it's giving me this error:

    Error opening URL 'file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Benni/My%20Documents/New%20Website/data/settings.xml'...
  18. This sounds special, but how do I get the fla...

    This sounds special, but how do I get the fla small enough (300kb) in order to attach to a post? Or is there a better way to do it?

    Thanks for the help.
  19. Tabbed Content with swapDepths Not Working Right

    So I followed this tutorial on making Tabbed Content with swapDepths, but mine isn't working quite right. When you click a tab the text and icon disappear behind the tab. So each tabbed page is an mc...
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