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  1. Youtube link to TTMovement identity video

    You can also watch a low-res version of the signature motion graphics piece (which was done using processing) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpP8il5MSpo
  2. Copy- versus Action-driven viral cricket game

    Unlike your usual shoot-em-up, reflexes driven flash sites, this site - www.thefastwaytoearnpoints.com.au - (developed by Amex & The One Centre) has its come-hither, interact-with-me powered by...
  3. Rich flash site for Audi Art Prize / TTMovement

    Audi TT Movement / Audi Art Prize Launched with Stunning Motion Graphics

    Sydney, Australia : 14th March 2007

    "A visually stunning digital motion graphics artwork integrated with a rich...
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    Sticky: Perhaps its fairer to say that Quicktime & Flash...

    Perhaps its fairer to say that Quicktime & Flash are converging ? Eg. we decided on Flash for this piece (done using processing - at quite a high resolution, loads very quickly thanks to an account...
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