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  1. Thanks so much, I really must look at SWF studio,...

    Thanks so much, I really must look at SWF studio, impressive. I am only worried that I cannot use exe file to load the esperient file,

    Guess I may really need to look at how to write a viewer...
  2. I come by this link, Flash ActiveX Workaround...

    I come by this link,
    Flash ActiveX Workaround Javascript Fix


    How can I load the Javascript inside the flash, so that it...
  3. How to code a viewer in ActionScript

    Thanks for your post. I was just thinking of how about a Flash 3D last night. I have never touched on Flash3D, and have read little about PaperVision and Sandy3D. I must look at this.

  4. Load external Application into Flash, beside image and movie file

    I have come by various methods of loading external image into flash (Loader class), or loading video into Flash (NetStream class), I am hoping I can load a application viewer into flash.
    I am...
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