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  1. Flash Runtime Video Conversion.. Give Suggestion

    Hi All,

    We're working on a website where clients required certain Video Online Playing requirement. We've designed a webiste for an Educational organisation where students will enroll(register) to...
  2. Loading Animation after given time on Television.

    Hi guys,

    I'm in trouble, Please help. I'm working with an Interactive Channel and my job is to make animated flash cards for our television show which i upload on server and get displayed on...
  3. A minor problem with Flsh button Interactivity...Please help... Urgent....

    HI there,

    Please check this file here. http://www.geocities.com/vickymustdie/trial.swf

    I get stucked with the following interactivity... Its a simple button click interaction. Actually, I...
  4. Hi dogtown08, Thanks for Replying... ...

    Hi dogtown08,

    Thanks for Replying...

    I'll sure follow your instructions and implement my games. I hope this will work. If I still come across any problem, I'll post my fla.

  5. Minor problem with Games in Flash MX... Need Help....

    Hi Flashers,

    This is Vicky here. I'm not good in Flash Actionscript and so while making flash games, i get stucked with scripting problem. I desperately looking for some scripting help from you...
  6. Problem with Flash MX Actionscript...

    Hi Flashers,

    This is Vicky here. I get stucked with some Flash games as I'm not good in flash MX Actionscript. Please help me.

    Now the problems.

    1) I want to make the clickable animated...
  7. Adding and updating Scores in Multimedia Games....

    Hi Flashers..

    Please help me with the problem of Adding Scores to the game database.

    We are working on an Multimedia project that includes 6 games. Now the problem is that when the kid...
  8. Replies

    Thanks for replying... Xurion_Flash_Man...

    Thanks for replying...

    Xurion_Flash_Man and var gotMilk.

    I'll try the steps you have mentioned. i think that will definetly resolve my issue.

    Thank You.
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    How to display Movieclip Randomly

    Hi Guys..

    This is Vicky again. I am working on a game for an Educational CD. I need a help regarding a game where a user have to shoot any one pot of the three pot that display on the screen....
  10. Flash Animation Developer = What is the role?

    Hi Flashers,

    This is Vicky here. I am working as a Flash Animator from the last 3 years. The Job i was doing are normally Scanning the Ilustrations done by Illustrator(Freelancers) and Tracing...
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    Hi Supernatural, Illustrations needs...

    Hi Supernatural,

    Illustrations needs practise and that what u require to do...... If you wanna g for some semi realistic character Illustratons like JOHNY BRAVO etc... I suggest..

    1) Watch...
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    Flash and Newsletter

    Hi Flashers,

    I'm not a Flash Scripter as I do only animations, but getting in Scripting and need you're help. I'm designing a website in which I added a Flash Newsletter table. Actually, I...
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    Hitting Mechanism in Flash......

    Hi all,

    What is Hitting Mechanism in Flash?. Just check out this http://www.neostream.biz/shop/ec/Catalog_Source02.asp?MainCat=2&PID=8 and click on the demo.

    It says it has been done...
  14. Hi euphoricGenius, Great Solution man!!!!!...

    Hi euphoricGenius,

    Great Solution man!!!!!

    Not to change the instance name is OK. I agree! but what if we want to change the script code of all the buttons. That time the same problem...
  15. Urgent help regarding script changing.....

    Hi there,

    Recently i made an interactive presenation where user have several buttons to click on. Say around 33 buttons. I've applied almost same script to all the buttons using a particular...
  16. 30 seconds without voice over and continue

    Hi All,

    I'm working on a multimedia Presentation where a character explaining the index (menu) on the very first screen. The same way as normally educational CD's having intro. When user...
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    Animating anime for TV While making...

    Animating anime for TV

    While making animations for TV, normally people consider following things:-

    1) Always increase frame rate and speed while working on flash. Keeping more frames in...
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    Flashkit is good, but........

    Hi All,

    This is Vicky from India. First of all I'm heartly thankful to Flashkit Forums because it helped me a lot for gaining in Flash arena. Everyday I use to log on Flashkit and Were-Here...
  19. Fed up with Duplicating movie clip... Please help

    Hi All,

    I'm working on a presentation for a educational institution. I came across one problem for which i need you people's help.

    This presentation is for primary level and so its a...
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    Hey Gparis I'm working on Flash MX. ...

    Hey Gparis

    I'm working on Flash MX.

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    Flash on Video

    Hi All,

    I've made a flash presentation which i wanna put on Video (VHS, VCD, DVD etc.) without loosing the quality. I heard that it is possible doing it by using MPEG 2 codec, but the quality...
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    Setting Resolution in Flash..

    Hi All,

    I don't know whether this is right questuion for this section. But hope you'll help me.

    I'm working on a 2D flash presentation for a client. The movie size of my presentation is...
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    Its just impossible...

    Hi there

    I'm completely agree with gSOLO_01. It is really not possible to disable the menu on right click. And if we believe that for a instance by hacking flash player plugins, then it's...
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    Need Character animations help

    Hi All

    I wanna make one big animation series on military base for my portfolio, and so need some characters which looks like in Batman animation series on Cartoonnetwork. I'm quiet good in 2D...
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    Save data to local disc?

    HI all
    I m working on 1 education cd. Its a Flash Project. In cd there are some games. I want score of that games to save in local hard disc.
    so next time when user enter he should be able...
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