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    How to record my users voice on my site

    I want the visiters on my site to read a story into their computers microphone and recorded. Is that possible with Flash?

    Anybody with links to sites where this has been succesfully implementet ?
  2. How did Adobe do this nice thing on their site?


    Anyone to help with a little snip of code?
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    How to make these balls

    Anyone to help me with the code for something like this:


    I want only three balls and the balls should change shape when they hit its other like if they...
  4. Little bitty tiny flash job with the problem file attached

    I have a little movie that I want a flash expert to finish for me.

    The whole file is attached.

    When button 1 is clicked I want the "text 1" to be visible - and "text 2" and "text 3" to be...
  5. Problem with making invisible. File attached [F8]

    I have these 2 buttons and when I press button 1 i want Text group 1 to be shown and Text group 2 to be hitten.
    When I press button 2 to I want text group 2 to be shown and text group 1 to be...
  6. Thanks a lot. Nice work.

    Thanks a lot. Nice work.
  7. Please help me simplify the script in this little attached file [f8]

    See attached file.

    I have a button that when pressed go to frame ten and plays a MovieClip and then return to frame 1 in the root and wait for a new click on the button. The little attached file...
  8. Problem with keyListener and Quit fscommand in Projector

    Why dosent this work? I cant get this code to quit if i use key 49 (1).
    But when using 27 (Escape key) it gets ignored.

    keyListener = new Object();
    keyListener.onKeyDown = function() {

  9. Hello! Anybody back from hollyday to give a...


    Anybody back from hollyday to give a hint of where the old code is located?
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    Great Hum ! Now its working. Thank you very...

    Great Hum !

    Now its working. Thank you very much. I am surprised at the amount of code Flash 8 acuires to make such a simple thing.

    I have a few small games i want to have made - are you open...
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    Hello hum ! Thanks for wanting to help....

    Hello hum !

    Thanks for wanting to help. blueklat is a movieclip.

    You are right. First I am telling the timeline to go to frame labelled "movie2" - Then when playhead is at "movie2" - I am...
  12. Eksperienced Flash game programmer needed for little Tetris like game.

    I have made a game 10 years ago in Director. Now I want it ported to ActionScript 2 Flash 8. I want it to be made in 1024 x 768. It should be made in one frame.( All actionscript and graphics in...
  13. Please help to get this old Flash 6 code to work in Flash 8

    This old code will only play when saved as Flash 6.
    Anybody who can tell me where the old syntax are or modyfi it to be used in Flash 8.

    while (j <= /:Fire_amount)
  14. One-frame playing of 3 movieclips - with a delay between each one

    I have 3 movieclips in the first frame, but the movieclips each have their own layer..

    See attached movie.

    Please - I want a code to play the first movieclip and then 4 seconds pause - then...
  15. Thanks for the answer. But I need the stop()...

    Thanks for the answer. But I need the stop() action in the MovieClip because the same movieclip appear another place in my movie where the stop() action is needed. Thats why I want to go to frame 2...
  16. Help needed with this delay between frames - movie attached

    I have 3 frames with a movieClip in each. There is a pause between the playing of each frame.

    But the movieClips are just showing - they are not playing the timeline animation inside the...
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    Still have problems if stop in first frame

    Well your file worked perfectly, but I needed a Stop action in first frame of the movieClip. When I set the Stop action in first frame the result is that it plays only the first frame and quit the...
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    Thanks a whole lot Smiley. This is some...

    Thanks a whole lot Smiley.

    This is some problem I have headeachs and pain trying to solve. You just made my day - make that week. - No No - damn - make it month.
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    Here is a little movie with the problem

    I have attached a little movie.

    I want to go to a frame called "movie2" - and start playing the movieclip there from frame 2.
  20. Could not get your code to work. I dont think...

    Could not get your code to work. I dont think that your code is checking for if the sound have been turned off by pressing a sound button I have on another page.

    The setting of the variable...
  21. Please help me with the right syntax in this code

    I can start my 2 videos by pressing the keys "1" and "2" on the keyboard.
    With my variable psound I check if the sound have been set to on or off by a button. The video will then be played with, or...
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    Thanks for trying Hum, but it dosent work. ...

    Thanks for trying Hum, but it dosent work.

    Anyone to help me? I think it must be possible to go to a frame and play frame 2 of a MovieClip.
  23. Please helt with this little syntax problem

    Here I am checking if the "1" key is being pressed and the variable psound is currently set to 1.
    I get an error in Flash with this script.

    The problem is in this line:

    if(Key.isDown(49) &&...
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    Problem with turning KeyListener off

    I have this KeyListener script on the first 10 frames of my movie. I want to turn it off so that it is not working on frame 11 - where there is no use for it. But it is still working in frame 11....
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    Path to frame 2 in MovieClip

    I have this code on a button. Why wont it start on frame 2 of the movieclip I have on the frame labelled "movie2".
    It starts playing at frame 1 no matter what digit I set it to.

    on (keyPress...
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