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  1. URGENT : Help needed with video record site

    Hi there...

    I am a South African designer who has been tasked by a charitable organisation to create a site similar to http://www.itsnopicnic.tv/.

    The only difference is we will be holding a...
  2. CS3 HELP : Need to insert HTM site into flash

    Hi Guys...

    I am bust doing a demo for a WAP site and it would like to bring in this WAP site into the flash demo without having to recreate it. Site is very simple and made up of images and HTM...
  3. Replies

    CS3 Inserting HTM files into Flash

    Hi guys...

    I have created a flash file that demo's how to use a certain WAP site that is already created. (HTM files with links etc.) - I would like to put this "site" on a cellphone screen in my...
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