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  1. I just ask "like" not the same mybe i should ask

    Is there good strategy game made with flash that is not multiplayer game
    just good old strategy game
    Thanks for the help
  2. Is there any good like warcraft/starcraft games out there ?

    im thinking about building one , but i have no clue yet if it possible technically .
    is there any examples? ( i haven't found any on the web )
  3. How to build mp3 player in flex/air application

    hello all
    i need to implement add mp3 player to my AIR application build with flex
    is there any tutorials on building mp3 player ( i didn't found any in the web )
  4. Is there away to Modify AIR file or make it include in process configuration file ?

    Hello all
    i hope i will be clear in what i want to do can i build in AIR some generic application that will contain
    options that will effect this generic application appearance and behavior , this...
  5. Is there implementation of html WYSIWYG in flex ?

    hello all
    is there any way to build html WYSIWYG in flex like Microsoft front page ?
    i didn't found any thing on the web like this ?
    second question is :
    is there any good rich text editor that...
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    Do you the designer need Game Make tool ?

    Hello all
    im planning to build flash 2d game maker tool for none programmer ( and i mean really none programmers )
    that will be based on rules wizard
    my question is does such tool is needed for...
  7. Can i make flex component be Draggable And Selectable

    I need to make Text box to be Draggable And Selectable
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    Is there any way to add links in flv file

    Hello all
    is there any kind of tool that let me add links to different parts of the flv movie ?
    for example i can mark different parts in the movie that every time they seen in the frame and you...
  9. Can i send the flex compiler in memory source?

    Is there any way to send the flex/flash compiler in memory structures for compilations
    i dont what to generate source files and then compile them
    this is for my application that needs to generate...
  10. Can i view microsoft word / excel in flash player ?

    Hello all
    can i few the microsoft word or excel files in flash player ?
  11. mybe i will wasn't clear , im asking about the...

    mybe i will wasn't clear , im asking about the flash client what component
    does it support to communicate with the server
  12. looking for Synchronous connections from flash client yo server howto

    Hello all
    im beginner to AC3 and im looking for ways to implement Synchronous ( or other methods )
    between the flash player and custom server that understand soup / http . for chat application ...
  13. Thanks for the fast reply one more question if i...

    Thanks for the fast reply one more question
    if i store in the hash["shape1"] object that has method called GetName()
    how can i access this method from the hash["shape1"] ?
    this for example does...
  14. no way for string name ? is there hash table in...

    no way for string name ?
    is there hash table in AS3?
  15. yeah but what if i create the Shapes in loop to...

    yeah but what if i create the Shapes in loop to print them on screen ?
    so this variable will be created for example 10 times
    can't i control the Shape by id ? like html elements ?
  16. set Shape id , or how to accesse Shape after creating it

    Hello all
    im newbie in AC3 programming , so bare with me
    i created shape with simple function ( using flex compiler )
    but after i created the shape i like to access it for example to change the...
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    flex3 fdb Strange Behavior

    hello all
    im trying to learn the fdb command line debugger with simple mxml file
    im loading the files just fine but when i try to set break point it gives me the massage :

    Breakpoint not set;...
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    does flash player debug has open api ?

    hello all
    im not sure if its related to this forum but i notice the fdb.exe client
    that connected to the flash debugger api my question is there any way to see
    the fdb source ? or does the flash...
  19. looking flex debugger architecture documents

    Hello all
    im looking for the flex fdb architecture documents
    are there any at all ?
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    looking for batch screen cupter tool

    Hello all
    i have several hundred of flash movies and like to be able to get
    single frame picture from each flash movie in some kind of batch process
    does any one knows about such tool or method ?
  21. Thanks allot for your reply i have 2 more...

    Thanks allot for your reply
    i have 2 more questions
    1. is there any freeware IDE for flex?
    2. is there any online service that let me build flash movies ?
    banners, presentations and such ?...
  22. looking for site that enables to create flash movies

    Hello all
    is there some where in the www site that enables to create flash movies or banners online?
  23. what is flex air and flash what is the difference ?

    Hello all
    i know what is flash , but what is flex and air ? what is the difference between them ?
    also does adobe released something as open source ?
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    save flash frame as jpeg / bmp

    Hello all
    im looking for away to save flash movie frame as picture format jpeg/bmp or other problematically out side the flash movie ( not using Action script)
    no matter what programming language....
  25. automated way

    automated way
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