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  1. I used Flash 8 video encoder, and am using Flash...

    I used Flash 8 video encoder, and am using Flash 8. I have Flash CS3 but haven't learned how to use it yet so I am working in 8 for now.

  2. Keeping 1280 x 1080 video size upon bringing into Flash

    Hi All you Geniuses out there!

    Please help! :confused: I'm no tech-smarty, so I need some guidance. I made a trailer for my movie that has a size of 1280 x 1080 (16:9). Footage was originally...
  3. Exporting .mov in Flash 8, in order to import into Final Cut Pro...

    Hello Geniuses out there!

    I need some help. I made a cartoon animation in Flash 8 and would like to export it into a format that is read by Final Cut Pro so that I can include it in a documentary...
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