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  1. Sort of...

    Hey, Thanks for the tip, it helped somewhat. My mp3's were all saved at 44.1Khz Sample rates and 48Kbps Bitrates originally. I tried saving them at 22Khz Sample rate, but that did not have any effect...
  2. External loaded mp3's play way too fast

    My music mp3's are playing at double (or greater) speed after they are pre-loaded into my movie and invoked via the objSound.start() method. I didn't think I could make it do this if even if I wanted...
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    Here is a great tool you can try out to convert high bitrate mp3's to lower bitrate/sample rates which are more digestible in flash. I just found this tool today and the mp3 > mp3 conversion works...
  4. Hey Scott- And I thought I was pushing the...

    Hey Scott- And I thought I was pushing the envelope of acceptable "forced flash content"... apparently not! ...

    Take a look at the F6 HTML editor I'm developing- ...
  5. I guess my real issue here is that we, as...

    I guess my real issue here is that we, as developers of Flash content, have to start the ball rolling toward market acceptance. Part of the reason it takes so long for new versions of plug-ins to...
  6. Go for it!

    I agree with aerick, this player has the potential to spread like wildfire, for one, because the web is still dominated by IE, and the ActiveX F6 player control downloads Flash 6 without requiring a...
  7. Sure, why not.

    If I have both this, and SETI@Home installed, I wonder what will happen... we'll see.
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    I suggest that the small previews of the featured...

    I suggest that the small previews of the featured movies have all sounds turned off, or that they start in a stop() mode, and can be played on command (This should be easy to do using javascript...
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    gotta use the full path

    Easiest way:


    This example assumes that the movie clip who's timeline you want to affect, is placed in the root of your files, and not...
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    I have a script where I startdrag() on a mc which...

    I have a script where I startdrag() on a mc which is placed behind a mask layer.
    If I drag the cursor (and the mc) outside of the mask then release, my event-

    on (release) {
    stopDrag ();...
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    Offer Certifcations

    I think that with your access to professionals, you could develop the world's most respected Flash / Generator / ActionScript certification tests (Like the MCSE or whatever) and charge reasonably for...
  12. You only truly know...

    If you have stared deeply into the yellow spiral for hours just hoping to be accepted into the cult.
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