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  1. I am having a similar problem..

    I am using the loadClip function as well to load an swf into a parent swf. The loaded movie clip isn't working too well, though not everything is wrong. From reading this, I figured that I had to...
  2. Thanks for the help

    I figured out how to do it finally. :) I used used an array to store the instance names of objects.
  3. That doesn't work

    If you give two objects the same instance name, one of them (the copy) does nothing.
  4. Would attach movie work?

    Can anyone tell me if attach movie would work for this and how to do it?
  5. Help Needed!!!: How do I create multiple objects with same properties

    I need to know how to create multiple objects with same properties and that can be collectively referenced to in ActionScript. For example, if I want to create a mc that bounces off of any one of 20...
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