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    tried that

    Yes, that is exactly what i tried first (seems pretty straight forward), but i'm only able to do it as long as the scrip and the blank target are in the same timeline. Hence, if i nest script (which...
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    Load external swf from a neasted button

    Load external swf from a nested button

    I have a question about weather or not it is possible to load external swf into target MC (root) from a button that is nested in a MC(root).
  3. Thank you

    Thank you,
    Unfortunately i couldnt convert images to vector graphics because i was limited to working with Photoshop only and they took too long to trace. But what did work (relatively nicely) is...
  4. 72dpi gif to print as 200dpi tiff or jpg

    Hello everyone, i have a newby question. I'm stuck with a few images that are 72dpi, 2"x2", 160x160px giffs and somehow need to be printed as 200 dpi 1.75"x1.75" tiffs or jpg's without too much...
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