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  1. External CSS + HTML inside movieclip (Flash 8)

    Hi all,

    I have a Flash 8 movie that (on the root level) with a dynamic-HTML-multiline text box that loads its data from a TXT file and gets its styles from a CSS file.
    This works fine.
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    Preloading SWF with embedded video

    Hi all,

    I have a preloader that preloads a separate/external SWF...
    Original FLA's can downloaded here:
    The Preloader = introloader.fla
    The Movie = intro.fla

    The problem is, the preloader...
  3. [F8] Transitioning clips within a movieclip - depth issues

    Hi there,

    I have a movieclip named "CONTENT_CONTAINER_mc".

    I have three different movieclips that play within CONTENT_CONTAINER_mc, there are CONTENT_home_mc, CONTENT_products_mc and...
  4. [F8] How do I transition between these movieclips OnRelease? (sample FLA included)

    Hi Folks!

    I have a Flash movie containing three Movieclips and three Buttons, one for each clip. As you might imagine, when you click on each button, it unloads the previous clip and plays the new...
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