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  1. last one here

    that is so cool. flash webcam...amazing
  2. oh no! where'd you go!?

    new toys are so fun, huh?
  3. move around some!

    cool cool! move a little so i can tell for sure it works, please :)
  4. Replies


    very very cool...thank you! this is so fun!
  5. forget it

    i have been considering web design as a career when i get older...or at least learning about it now so i'll have a head start on whatever the "web" turns into by that time. from what i have read on...
  6. um...

    actually i think i am pretty smart for my age (13). thanks for calling me stupid. i hope i don't grow up to be as mean to young people as you are.
  7. yikes

    mr scott seems old and bitter...glad he's not my daddy! :P
    he seems to hate anything less than 30 yrs old.

    also, brianscott, if you are so much better and so busy with huge corporate sites...
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