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    ok. but i vote we all do Retro Pseudo-code Style!

    *puts on 3D sunglasses*

    push 'style'
    push 'we teh kool'
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    ..like will it be murder to kill a clone? (or cloned embryo for that matter)
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    Ban my A$$ too THEN

    HELLBELOWME was SO kool!!!!
    ..and you kicked him?????????????????????????????????

    I'm just reading all this now (like SIKONYTE just got banned twice and how Were-Here is catching all the Flash...
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    what the.....?? 2.5 years, ..or since the day F4 came out..
    AND u didn't notice that??! Try the word "experimentation" for size yo! :D

    Anyway, even if u make a blank MC that size it's gonna be...
  5. agree!

    And Who they Kill... and who gets fkd, and who gets put against the wall when the end-game comes..............

    Money (CA$H) has long since turned evil, and you should not trust ne1 with spurious...
  6. com'n in to bat 4 the lonewolf :)

    Josh is still three or four conceptual leaps ahead of any of us (he didn't JUST pick a nice .KOM and sit on it!?) but like his foray into selling "Praystation Harddrive on CD", it was another shining...
  7. and a frame rate of 1 :)

    and a frame rate of 1 :)
  8. Exporting weapons, porn, or patent protected...

    Exporting weapons, porn, or patent protected drugs for an increasingly paranoid dilusional extremist worlds ppl??

    Better than having religion push on us I gue$$

    funk-u-all-v-much :cool: ..dat's...
  9. As my eldest brother always says (so i hope he...

    As my eldest brother always says (so i hope he doesn't mind me quoting him here) "When RCA [records] started divesting profits from the music industry, into making LAND MINES, then it's not really...
  10. Which brings us back to the co$t of the J-banks...

    Which brings us back to the co$t of the J-banks PLAYING with ppls LAND PRICES (forcing a whole nation to commute - bekos they also own the trains btw!!!)

    I like watching the glee the Business...
  11. I had breakfast now...

    I'm like half the world (the under 30's outside of the U-S-A) who finds such a question hard to answer without - at the same time - choosing sides, as it were.

    try J....
  12. $ertainly

    Yeah, we'd just as likely go shoot our-selves in the foot, as soon as have to even contemplate doin' it to "a whole bunch of others" first.
  13. I'm one of the fortunate few who can vote...

    I'm one of the fortunate few who can vote ANTI-NUCLEAR (every 3 YEARS???).. nuff said :D
  14. Originally posted by radarmind

    I wouldn't dare disagree on that point (thou I was talking more about open inspecting of redundant stockpiles). What gerbick has well pointed out, and I am kinda alluding to.. is that right now we...
  15. *off topik

    Wuz just laughing.. "When Wall Street Sneezes, the rest of the worlds markets catch cold" ~ we've alwayz heard this one!
    It's doublespeak for "we get our money off the markets first, good luck...
  16. maybe I'm putting words in your mouth...

    J.I.T.... just in time (a truely original Japanese concept of the 90's :)
  17. escapeplan.com

  18. *yawning*

    TRUE INDEED, but I'm asking what postions they hold (like the chiefs of ENRON getting their money out J.I.T. ;)
  19. ...there are just so many snipets of newzzz...zzz..zzzzz

    America spends more than the total budget of the next top 15 countries on "defence"...

    The Awful Truth (anybody seen it?) caught a quote from a weapons inspector that stated "America doesn't allow...
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    try newsground.com

    ..lots to do & see =)
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    that's the longest uninterupted tango I've eva seen!!

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    Heya Nords!

    Peter's made a "directors kut" DVD - which includes an additional 30 or so minutes of footage (making a total of 3.5 hours :)_A_smart_clip?!!
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    Hot off the Net...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by calpomatt
    [B]Does anyone know of any sites which *ACCURATELY* translate into pretty krazy text for free?

  24. e$$entially...

    if you pay up front.. how do u know you'll need unlimited or 30 gig or 1 meg... geez!

    NATURALLY most companies charge up front.
    They make the most money.
    They Survive.
    While decent "user pay"...
  25. simply try.. loadMovie("MYmusic" +...

    simply try..

    loadMovie("MYmusic" + int(random(5)) + ".swf", "musicMC");

    remember to make musicMC (empty movie clip)
    Your sound controls should work still ok (as they function globally in the...
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