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    a little clarification

    101000 -

    "3) All tutorials should be written the same if submitted by users."

    I agree on your suggestion to let users write in the style most comfortable for them, and perhaps I should clarify...
  2. License and registration please...

    For one day, traffic cop. Explorers, Beemers, Benz's. And for my cell-phone friends, triple the fine.
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    Good point about maintaining the "rules" in the transition from print to internet. Although, who's to say what "rules" mean anymore! Lol. (I remember in school when they said don't ever...
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    one more thing... (Just one more?)

    Studio- Totally agree that designers should get a cut. (That point got buried in my rant) Lol.

    What do you think about a royalty system where by the designer of a site would get X amount for every...
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    one more thing.

    Brad- Your right with that one. In my long-winded rant, I forgot to suggest corp. sponsors. Macromedia has major partners on all the things they put. Flashkit is just as a valuable a resource as...
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    I agree with everyone. (What am I agreeing to again?)

    FLASHKIT IS THE BOMB. I love it! Hopefully I don't repeat other suggestions, but as far as interface:

    1) Keep in html, don't go all Flash. Speed rules, and ironically, Flash don't always live up...
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    Yeah, got ya' but...

    Studio- I have no answers, just more issues. Lol!

    I know G.A.G.'s been around, but the problem I have is that they don't "drive" the industry like all the other industries I mentioned. SAG can...
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    There is no way this is real!

    Scottie, if... you... can't... use... Flash at all... then we're all dead.
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    I agree! (What am I agreeing to?)

    Seriously, 249 and others, you're right!

    This can only lower the standards designwise in a technology and field that is still growing and emerging. Speaking as a traditional print designer for...
  10. A reply, from the old-school

    I am catching up on old postings. Here's my take:

    Kraken: chill, be with you in a second, mon.

    mmarkin: if you are still in business at this point, good for you! I have been an art director for...
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    Hello to all- Since I have found Flashkit is...

    Hello to all-

    Since I have found Flashkit is da' bomb because of the many contributions from the visitors/users themselves, I ask the following:

    Does anyone know of a site similar to this one,...
  12. Thanks to all

    Most excellent replies, my bretheren! Thanks!
  13. Hello to any and all that can help- I am...

    Hello to any and all that can help-

    I am getting more opportunites to design sites from scratch, rather than just working on small parts of them as a sub-contractor. Previously, I've only had to...
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    Whew! Now I don't feel so bad posting long rants....

    Whew! Now I don't feel so bad posting long rants.

    I think Flash will succeed becuase Macromedia is putting a lot of money behind it. This isn't Beta tape vs. VHS, an apple vs. apple. Unless you...
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    Just my opinion

    I'm catching up on old topics, excuse the late and rather long response.

    By the way, chewman2K- I'm just a little confused: Are you suggesting Super Mario post in other forums to broaden the...
  16. slight correction

    Thanks, I am re-pasting the code as it really is. (I must have deleted some spaces when I typed it for the previous post). It looks like it matches the punctuation you indicated.

  17. Hello to anyone that can help! Basically, I've...

    Hello to anyone that can help!

    Basically, I've been trying to have multiple windows pop up from different scenes, using different buttons. The first button, with an actionscript applied, works...
  18. Here is the situation I have. If anyone has any...

    Here is the situation I have. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd really appreciate them, or if you know where I should turn if this is not the appropriate board.

    I am not very experienced in HTML....
  19. GmF or any other super genius! I'm reposting...

    GmF or any other super genius!

    I'm reposting this as I think my earlier post got zapped.

    Used your tip for opening new windows by adding code after <HEAD> tag. Worked great!

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    Freehand vs. Flash - FIRST BLOOD PART 2!

    I've used Freehand for years. Main thing Freehand is good for is creating original line/vector art. It's pen/drawing tools are superior to Flash. I've also used Freehand as a page layout program for...
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    I've been framed

    And to add to the confusion,...

    Ultimately Flash would have to match broadcast frame rates of 30 frames per second, (which actually is 29.97 f.ps. Stupid yes, but stupid is as...) AND... video...
  22. Follow up on new window function


    Thanks for earlier suggestions!

    I tried that script from a previous post of yours. Worked great. Problem I have now is getting it to work for more than just one button to open more than...
  23. Got it to pop!

    Thanks, I'm gonna try that.

    After posting, I actually discovered through trial and error what I did, (or didn't do).

    There was a "resizeTo" javascript command (left over from earlier attempts),...
  24. Curious-would making the scene pop up in its own...

    Curious-would making the scene pop up in its own window eliminate the problem? Wouldn't you still end up using the same GetURL action that you would use for new browsers? (I'm a little confused).
  25. Hello- After many useful suggestions from the...


    After many useful suggestions from the board, I finally can get new browser windows to pop up with no borders, or scrollbars, or to a specific size, when I click on a button in a my movie,...
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