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    It worked

    Thanks joshstrike for your help,it worked.But in order to work,I must test my swf on webserver,otherwise it won't work locally.
    So this is method to do so

    var request:URLRequest = new...
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    How to set loaderInfo params from flash

    This is my case
    1: I have two swf : a.swf n b.swf
    2: I can't do any coding on a.swf but I can code on b.swf
    3: b.swf loads a.swf
    4: a.swf takes some params from html
    5: Since b.swf now loads...
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    Framework for game development

    I need a framework that would ease n modularize game development.I am also searching through web,but the reason I posted this query is that ,there are lots of great game developers out there who...
  4. So,nullifying through refrence movieclip is not possible

    Thanks for pointing me out in the direction of writing efficient codes.
    Further I have stored the added movieclip i.e newMc in an array and done
    but also couldn't find...
  5. This is my case so far

    Let me illustrate with this example


    function createMc(event:MouseEvent):void
  6. Completely removing a dynamic display object

    To remove a dynamic displayObject completely you need
    removeChild or removeChildAt(index)
    remove all the refrences to the displayObject
    nulling the displayObject

    But this is my case

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    Terminate a statement or kill it

    I have a loop

    for(var i:int =0;i<10;i++)
    //do something
  8. Forcing Garbage Collector restriction

    To all,

    works only on Flash Player debugger version and on AIR app.
    So forcing garbage collector is restricted for flash player standalone version.
  9. Thanks

    I will be still chasing that 12 Mb and if anything comes noteworthy I will surely post it here
  10. Try this again

    First of all my simple method

    bitmap =null;

    Then running the code described in this webpage
  11. This method works well so far

    While going through Garbage collector in Actionscript 3,I came across an article at


    And using this method ,I was able to free the memory...
  12. I am not trying to recycle

    Hi Cinema,
    I am trying to completely remove the bitmap from my application or to say from memory.

    P.S.: My application is online tshirt customizer where user is able to upload his/her image.
  13. Does BitmapData.dispose() remove memory occupied by its Bitmap

    Hi there,
    This is my scenario
    1: I upload an image
    2: Without altering it,I make a copy of it and use it display to users in resized format
    note: I won't display the original image.
    3:Now when...
  14. Thanks a ton 5TonsOfFlax

    I never tried event bubbling,but now I surely will give it a try.
    And the idea you gave for universal event notification system,is exactly what I was looking for.
    Again thanks a lot for guiding me...
  15. Ok you can do this

    You can convert you as 2 files into as 3 and here is the class named ForcibleLoader at libspark


    Since you are saying that actionscript doesn't go well...
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    Great work

    It is indeed a great contribution to Flash community for developing apps like this,Great work jweeks 123.
    I will surely test it and let you know the reviews.
  17. ok then,the idea of dispatching an universal...

    ok then,the idea of dispatching an universal event from anywhere and can be listened by anyone is not possible.
  18. So there is no way ,i can fire an event which the...

    So there is no way ,i can fire an event which the Document class can listen without refrencing through object from where the event have been fired.And one question is there certain time delay...
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    You can try open source alternative tween

    While tweening you can use open source tweening engines like
    TweenMax or Tweener,which have wide range of functionality for doing tweens

  20. Hint for dispatching an event which is listened by all

    May be my title doesn't clearly reflect to what I am saying.
    Let me demonstrate with following example

    //l have a Class named MyClass where have dispatched an event like
  21. Just follow this link

    Though I haven't seen how the Nat Geo Billboard is,but you can get some ideas following through this tutorial

  22. Thanks again 5TonsOfFlax now I need more...

    Thanks again 5TonsOfFlax now I need more experience on programming.
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    The solution is found

    If anyone is interested the solution can be found at following link

  24. Thanks a ton 5TonsOfFlax

    I understood your logic and I am really grateful for your generous snippet.Ok, I implemented the xml in Comma Separated value so that the data transfer and parsing would be easy,but I didn't have any...
  25. Combining object array and accessing object property name

    I have an xml say in following format


    I load the xml and parse it in...
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