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  1. response to whisper

    Hi Whispers,

    Thanks for the reply, although I still don't seem to be doing something correct using your method. Here is how I followed your instructions:

    1. nested all 11 of my images into a MC...
  2. Quasi-newbie AS2.0 unique ransom image help

    hey all,

    I'll admit up front I am a a sort of ActionScript neophyte. I have a client web site I built in AS2.0, and have been reluctant to overhaul in AS3.0. In any event, the client is asking me...
  3. Replies

    I figured out the problem...AS2 and AS3...

    I figured out the problem...AS2 and AS3 conflict...my file has a mixture of the two...so annoying...
  4. Replies

    Embedded swf w/video won't play

    Ok I have scoured the forums for the answer to this with no luck.

    I am updating a client web site, adding a video section. Temp URL here:


    the section in question...
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