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  1. :cool:THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!!!:thumbsup:

    :cool:THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!!!:thumbsup:
  2. URGENT! How to restrict the Mask-Attached-To-Mouse Effect happens in Frame #1 only?

    Please Help!

    I want to ask if anyone know how can I control the Mask-Attached-To-Mouse Effect happens only at Frame #1? because even those it jumps to another scene, it still affects the new...
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    What about Bryce 4?

    I've searched for this topic on the net for whole night. Finally I found that somebody had talked about it before on this Forum page. Everyone can check back the previous messages... Well I believe...
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    I have seen a flash movie. It has a execellent...

    I have seen a flash movie. It has a execellent Kung Fu shot, which is in Matrix style... change the angle of the camera suddenly... and the character starts to fight after changed the angle of...
  5. Custom cursor doesn't work with buttons...

    Hi guys! I created a custom cursor, which is a movie clip format. I wanna to use this cursor as a normal cursor in my movie, which can be able to click on those buttons in order to link to another...
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