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    Has any progress been made on this in the last 2...

    Has any progress been made on this in the last 2 years???

    Or has everyone given up and just let Adobe stuff up the whole concept of flash on cd etc?

    My problem is that I made an installer for...
  2. flashplayertrust cfg - how to target desktop? URGENT pls help

    Im installing a cfg file into the Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerTrust folder
    so that users will not get security warnings when accessing the web from harddrive. Problem is the files are in MyFolder on...
  3. Simple align dynamic text center problem? Please help

    I see a few people have asked this in the forum but I cant find an answer!

    I am loading a username from a text file and I want it in the horizontal centre of a text box.

    I have tried the...
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    Oh very nice ! The code is way beyond me but I...

    Oh very nice !
    The code is way beyond me but I like the shrinking spiral.
    Whats the black semi circular shape there for?
    Cool anyway

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    Thanks Eager Beaver itsd good to have one that...

    Thanks Eager Beaver itsd good to have one that draws the line.
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    Thanks thats a great beginning and the Wikipedia...

    Thanks thats a great beginning and the Wikipedia article is interesting.
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    Hi - could you please send me this file that you made?

    I found an old post of yours in the flashkit forum with a link to a golden mean spiral - but the link no longer works.
    Would you be good enough to send it to me?
    Many thanks in advance
  8. Thanks muchly

    That seems to be the answer.
  9. would love to...

    Iknow how to set the program with which to open a file but what is the flashplayer called?? (not flashplayer.exe as far as I can tell)
    I'll try the virus checker thing but I very much doubt that...
  10. Cant open swf exept in browser - urgent - pls help

    For some reason when I try to open a swf outside a browser I get the 'what program do you want to use' box.

    Ive tried uninstalling flashplayer and reinstalling the latest version from the...
  11. Guess I'll have to ask in a javascript forum?

    Well its not really a flash question but
    I would have thought others here would have come across this problem though.
    The Flashkit homepage for instance has all those little flash adds down the...
  12. more details

    Hi Again
    Ive found on the web instructions for controlling the load order of images using javascript.
    Unfortunately changing the jpg to swf does not work.
    I can see the browser trying to get the...
  13. controlling load order in html - pics & swfs

    I have a page with a 129kb flash file at the top, some jpg files,
    and a 100kb swf at the bottom.
    Currently it seems (in I.E. on a windowsxp system) that the jpgs load first, and the 2 swfs seem...
  14. Lots of views but no answers?

    Lots of views but no answers?
  15. Less functionallity in MX2004? Some of my favourite things seem to be gone...

    Im seriously considering going back to mx from 2004.
    I'd love it if someone can tell me that certain functions are still there, just hidden in new places, for instalce...
    You used to be able to...
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