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    Thanks ! Works quite fine now.

    Thanks ! Works quite fine now.
  2. Thanks ! Only thing I don't understand is why...

    Thanks !

    Only thing I don't understand is why I don't get a nice clickable area... I simply put a large rectangle in the hit frame, but still dont get a really good area.
    Can it have something...
  3. How to change some values (loops, align etc)

    OK, I've done the buttons I asked about in an earlier post (Thank you very much u who helped me).
    Now I have some new trouble ;

    1. Where is it decided if my flash object should be repeated or not...
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    ButtonProblems, help needed

    Hello everyone !

    I am new to this, and can't seem to get the help I want from the tutorials or lessons.

    I want a button, which when you are over it with the mouse will play an animation over...
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