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  1. Ok, I got help and it now seems to work: on...

    Ok, I got help and it now seems to work:
    on (release)
    gotoAndPlay("Portfolio page",1);

    But where is the option in the actionscript window where I can select "on mouse event"???...
  2. How do I link "gotoandplay" to "onmouseevent"

    I have gotten myself a newer version of flash and Im having trouble finding my way through the actionscript window.

    I want to create a button that takes me to the next scene. I write...
  3. Thanks for your answer. Quite shocking that that...

    Thanks for your answer.
    Quite shocking that that seems to be the only way.

    Anyone else have suggestions?
  4. How to draw with anchor points but WITHOUT stroke, just filling?


    I have been using graphics softwares for 15 years now but I
    still cant figure out this simple thing and its driving me NUTS!!!

    Just like in illustrator I want to draw a shape in Flash with...
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    publish settings - jpg quality?

    In photoshop I set all the images (its a portfolio website) to JPG quality 7 and thats how Id like to keep it. But what should I do with the JPG quality handle bar in "publish settings"? If I set it...
  6. Ok!

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    Why wont it recognize wave files?

    I recently switched to Flash CS3 and am having some difficulties.
    One of the problems is when I import a wavefile. Normaly it would of
    course show up in a layer with the length and the curves...
  8. I just checked it out and it was what I was...

    I just checked it out and it was what I was looking for.
    But I still cant find where to choose the action "if frame such and such is loaded - go to scene this and that..." Know what I mean?
  9. Hi! Havent had time to try it out it...


    Havent had time to try it out it definately sounds like what Im looking for.
    I hope I'll be able to find that "script assist" button. But it shouldnt be to hard I guess.

    Thanks a lot! You...
  10. What happend to all those simple action scrip buttons?

    One if the reasons I used Flash 5 for my personal company website was the really simple programming through action script buttons an fill-out-forms (you know: Gotoandplay, fill out this, click there...
  11. I fixed it with a script

    Thanks for your reply.
    I fixed with a script and some copy and pasting in the html.
    It seems to be a problem thats a result of a juridical
    disagreement between adobe and microsoft.

  12. Mozilla works fine, Explorer doesnt - for my website

    I just tested my new website in two different browsers.

    Mozilla shows it perfectly but iexplorer sort of "doubles" the
    website so that you have to click away one "layer" get started.
    I guess you...
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