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  1. Need to click an mc that is under another mc

    Hi all,

    not been to these boards for a while!

    Basically i am currently designing a one page website, which resizes the background to 100% width (the height is being kept at about 2000px to...
  2. sorry thought of the answer as soon as i hit the...

    sorry thought of the answer as soon as i hit the post button,
    just needed to not make it an absolute path.

    this can be deleted.
  3. Small problem with Flash + PHP Contact Form


    Just got a small problem on my Flash + PHP Contact form that i am using.
    The problem is with the code
    var varSend:URLRequest = new...
  4. swf embedded in html - cant get it to resize

    i have been reading all over looking how to get flash to resize and i have seen all about setting the height and width to 100% but these all seem to be when the swf IS the webpage

    i'm looking to...
  5. still not managed to get any further with this if...

    still not managed to get any further with this if anybody has any advice.

  6. XML with Next/Previous Buttons - Almost there

    Afternoon all,

    as part of my portfolio i want to load in the images in projects and then have next/previous buttons for each project to look through the different images for the project.
  7. still not managed to sort this one guys, anybody...

    still not managed to sort this one guys, anybody offer any help?

    many thanks
  8. add mask for (var i:Number = 0; i < total; i++)

    Hi all, i am slowly but surely making progress with my project.
    Eventually i would like it to show our projects along a horizontal axis, when the user clicks an image additional images and text is...
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    XML AS3 Assistance Needed

    Hi all, nearly got this problem just cant find the right code to solve it.

    At the moment i am using a function to display all of the images in a horizontal row. (this is just a snippet of the...
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    XML Images and Masks

    Well its amazing what happens when you step away from flash for a few months when you think you are just getting the hang of it, i seem to have completely forgotten how to code.

    Just after a bit...
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    anybody used this before?
    the site is at http://n-son.com/scripts/jsScrolling/

    very handy tool, only problem is i'm trying to work out how to have two instances of it on the screen at the same...
  12. thanks a lot, i knew it was something simple,...

    thanks a lot, i knew it was something simple, just one of those cases you stare at it so long you cant look at it from a fresh angle
  13. Previous/Next Button - Math Code Problem

    i am bringing in some information through XML, and i have a previous and next button but i never want it to stop i.e. it just keeps cycling througha nd at the end goes back to the start and cycles...
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    wekk on and i still haven't solved this...

    wekk on and i still haven't solved this one...really stuck!
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    still not sorted this, anybody offer any advice?...

    still not sorted this, anybody offer any advice?
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    Locking Stage in Flash

    Im creating a little flash swf for a website of mine, but when i zoom in or out of the website (ctrl, +) the text moves and you can see outside elements of the canvas. what is the code to lock the...
  17. Creating Loader to load XML Images in

    Hi all, never thought something so simple could prove so difficult but i've been at this for a couple of hours chopping and changing all sorts of things so now im going back to basics and starting...
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    SWF to Ipod Touch?

    this maybe on the wrong section but didnt know where else to put it, does anybody know if it is possible to play a swf on an ipod, it is a really simple app,just an xml portfolio in a grid with a...
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    not sure how this helps me as i can't see how...

    not sure how this helps me as i can't see how this works with xml, which is how i want to load the images, but i may be overlooking something.

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    load image in through xml in as3?

    ive always shown images from within flash, trying to streamline a quick project a bit more but no idea how i go about loading in an image, i have it set up through xml.

    as text is loaded through a...
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    xml and google keywords?

    just wondering if i add a Flash piece to my site which uses some images and xml, will the xml be picked up as keywords by google, as there are some important keywords in there, so just wondering how...
  22. Checking to see if child has been added

    i am using container.addChild(myswf.swf) to load in a swf, but then when the user navigates away from the page i need the container to be removed, which i believe is container.removeChild(myswf.swf)...
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    Starting a Class within a Class

    for the navigation of a portfolio i am making, i have the navigations using a switch function which gets the frame label (it is the way we had to do it)
    on one of the buttons i want to start a...
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    i am linking different classes together and at one point

    i take load in a piece of information p(string.etc)
    which when i trace i can see it is loading in my_info.

    i am then sending that to...
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    i thought it was correct, using: this.counter =...

    i thought it was correct, using:
    this.counter = this.counter+1;

    seems to fix it though, maybe im using some other code it doesn't like, its only a really small app so not too fusse at having to...
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