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  1. Thank you

    Thanks blackbeagle that worked a charm.

    My first symptom was that the FLA file would not publish but I couldn't find anything on the net about it. Then I opened the file in Flash CS5 and found...
  2. Vote for Shark-Thrasher : Flash Lite game

    If you have Flash Lite v2 on your mobile phone (cell phone), then please come and play our new game Shark-Thrasher.


    We would love to make it into the...
  3. Firefox can't open local HTML files with getURL

    When Firefox is a the default browser getURL("localfile.html") will not work properly.

    What happens is Firefox opens a blank tab then a second tab which can't locate the local file. Firefox then...
  4. Please review my new improved Flash site.

    I've released a new Flash version of my site (kind of a good idea to have a Flash site when you work mostly in Flash).

    Go to www.digitallamb.com and click on the link for "Flash Site"

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    Yeah this page was probably made in Flash. To get the images fading you just put a gray rectangle on a layer in front of the image and morph it from an alpha of 0 to an alpha of 100. When the alpha...
  6. Banners

    Are you talking about setting up an swf banner for this board? If so, they've been turned off for some reason. Check out the message at http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=41172
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    No worries.

    Pleased to help
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    Flash Player

    Right, if you put a small swf on your main page with a getURL action inside it that points to your flash site, when the user opens the page, if they have the flash plug in, they will be automaticly...
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    Just put a stop(); action in the frame of your movie clip where the picture is it's largest.
  10. Learning Flash

    The best way to learn Flash is to do the tutorials. Go to Help > Tutorials

    Inside this window are links to four tutorials. The first of which will step you through creating an entire movie from...
  11. CD presentation

    Create a projector for your file such as presentation.exe

    You can set this up by going into file > publishing settings and check, windows projector. That creates a self contained file which can...
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    Flash Player

    To determine the Flash Player that the viewer is using, use getVersion() function

    It returns a string containing the Flash Player version and platform information such as:

    WIN 5,0,17,0
  13. Thread: maths

    by digitallamb


    To convert a number to currency format you can use the int(value). Try using this

    abc = your_number*100
    def = $+int(abc)/100

    If it doesnt work or if you need more explanation, reply and...
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    Ive read a few articles on security in flash and basically it seems that there is none. Be very careful with the data that you are using/collecting. If it doesnt need to be done in flash then...
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    I meant to say...

    Yeah, when I said I've found ways to do it when the swf is uploaded onto a web page I meant through Perl or php or something.
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    Id like to have my Flash file (saved as a...

    Id like to have my Flash file (saved as a projector), write variables to a .txt file. I know that Flash 5 couldnt do it without running the swf through Director and some funky scripting. Will Flash...
  17. Thanks

    Thanks for your help.

  18. I've seen several sites that have a customised...

    I've seen several sites that have a customised right click menu. Usually they take out the zoom functions along with quality, print etc. Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to do it?

  19. How did you do the Jumping?

    Ive tried to do jumping like that before but Ive never managed it. How did you do it? Is there some code that I can see?

    The game is great but Id like to see some more levels. I didnt realize...
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    This is a rad site.

    This is an awesome site and no I'm not bias. I wish Id come up with that concept for my site.
  21. Nice site

    You've a nice site. I'll check it out properly some time. I couldn't just see the tutorial for the high score so I'll assume it's not up yet. Let me know when it goes up.

  22. Does anyone know how to make a simple high score...

    Does anyone know how to make a simple high score list? I think that you need to link it to a .txt file or something but I've never done any of that before.

    Even if you know of a simple tutorial,...
  23. Walking

    If you script in an "if" statement onto your person that says

    if (_x eq _root.object._x){
    setProperty (this, _x, _x - 5);

    or some thing similar where object is the instance name for...
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    I'm looking for feedback on the three games that...

    I'm looking for feedback on the three games that I have up at http://www.digitallamb.com/games.html

    The games are Shootout, Basketball, and Brick Hit. Mostly I did them to test out action...
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    Great Game

    I like your consept. I think that the road needs to be wider though. Also the other cars jump a fair bit on the bends, you may want to look into your scripting and try to smooth that out a bit.
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