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  1. Layered Photography Website - Move on mouseover, makes images look alive.

    Please help. Looking for a site of africa/third-world/rural with people. The images "moved" on mouseovers. Where there would be cutouts of the same image laid over eachother and when you rolled all...
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    Large Image Sites

    I'm looking for sites that open up/use a large image as the main "stage." Almost like a print ad online using a large lifestyle image with headline, etc. Any?
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    Cool Large Image Navigation Site

    I'm looking for a site that uses a large image as navigation. Like Vodafone, but doesn't have to be as cool.

    Something where you can select areas/hotspots/etc. on the large image and it is a...
  4. Looking for a site :: Farm:: Cow :: Pimp cow in big car

    I'm looking for a site I saw a while ago. I think it was a NYC firm that really pushed that they were farm boys. They had farm graphics, a rooster laying an egg, a guy in an old bathtub. They had a...
  5. tax time :: website a charitable contribution?

    over the course of this year, i developed two different websites for my church (two mission team websites). can I deduct the time for doing these sites from my taxes? how would I "prove" the...
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    setRGB :: reset button from setRGB

    I'm setting up a nav with buttons so that when you click on a button, it's color changes with setRGB so that the color stays when it is not being hovered.

    I'm trying to figure out how to reset it....
  7. Thread: thanks

    by mediafield


    thanks for the replies. I'll take them into consideration.

    on a 800x600 monitor, the site sits and is framed well. the price we pay on 1280's.

    the font will stay. i'll speed up the wipes -...
  8. Photography Site - 1 Portfolio up - need site check


    The only section active if Susan Byrnes Portfolio 01. Have a click through the site and let me know what you think. I appreciate the help.


  9. quick check while developing -- sanctuary folk art

    Just wanted to get some quick feedback on this site I'm working on today:


  10. Thanks, Here's what I do: After the designers in...

    Thanks, Here's what I do: After the designers in my current firm design the look of the site, I collaborate with them on the feel. Then I take the design, add the feel and develop the site. The...
  11. resume examples / new firm / position available

    A flash development position has just fallen in my lap. The principal of the firm requested a resume in advance of a meeting. I've got a few questions I'd love to get some advice on:

    1. I've been...
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    thanks, but not exactly. What I mean is the old...

    thanks, but not exactly. What I mean is the old text changes color, let's say grey. The new text, colored black, enters and "pushes" the old text out. The old text is deleted letter by letter (speed...
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    help on textline effect

    I'm looking to replicate group94.com's textline effect. I've also seen it elsewhere. With the help of others, I have started and come up with what it attached. Can someone please help me finish it...
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    yes, i have fff harmony installed . . . using it...

    yes, i have fff harmony installed . . . using it at mediafield.us, which i am just starting to build concepts for
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    okay, first post in site check, so take it with a...

    okay, first post in site check, so take it with a grain of salt.

    i like the site a lot, especially the text effect of writing over the previous text. anyone got a tutorial or inspiration on that...
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