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    dimension for high quality FLV

    I convert H264 HDV 1080i video ( I use Canon HV30camcorder) to FLV using adobe flash CS3.
    I set dimention 1280(height) 720(width) with high quality setting
    File size is 155 MB. I think this is...
  2. video sound is mixed with background music

    There is template flash web. I customized with my own music. But there is problem. I don't want to repeat the music so that people can hear video sound only. How can I make stop music after finishing...
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    add new menu with script

    I have template, and I want to add new menu with new page
    But I don't know how to do. I could create new menu symbol(picture) by duplicating , but how can I link with new page.
    There is action...
  4. Video sounds won't come out when music sound is OFF

    I have flash web


    Click on the video, and video will show up. When I turn off sound on right top, then video sounds won't come out. I want video sound...
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    How can I do that? Can you explain step by step??...

    How can I do that? Can you explain step by step??

    Also, I want to know what is the best setting to export in FLV from premiere pro CS3. like bitrate, etc.....
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    Flash video bad quality

    I created quicktime using Premiere pro CS3.
    I used high quality video camera Canon HV30.

    I export video with those setting

    Format Quicktime
    video codec H264
    29.97 fps
  7. How can I put php script. I purchased the host...

    How can I put php script. I purchased the host and I make flash video and upload to host, so I think I can put php mailer script to website.

    Please explain how to do step by step or send me...
  8. [CS3] flash link won't work in internet explorer

    I put link action script in flash, and the link is working ( when I clicked the link, it jump to the website ) in firefox, but NOT in internet explorer. My internet explorer is latest version.

  9. [CS3] menu tab won't swap when mouse on over

    I created my own flash swf by customizing with CS3.

    This is ORIGINAL flash


    This is my customized flash

  10. How can I setup to get notification when customer open video?

    I want to create notification system for business. I send video to customer and I want to get noticication immediately when customer opened video. How can I setup this??
  11. How to insert flash video to wordpress from my own host?

    I created flash video from flash CS3 exporting SWF and FLV. I can play those video on my own website with high quality video, but when I upload to youtube, the quality of video is very bad.
    SO I...
  12. How to convert swf to fla?

    I have only swf file, no FLA. How to convert swf to fla to edit?
  13. [F8] How to edit flash monster template??

    I bought monster template. But I want to edit the flash (SWF) for my own shop . I want to replace picture and change text, logo...
    But how can I edit in flash 8?? I import swf file, but I can't...
  14. how to make synchoronize with person and another picture


    Here is exactly what I want to create for deaf people for business.

    How can I create that?? I...
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    can't export as avi file from Fla

    I try to export video as avi from Fla. I saved swf file using ******* decompiler. Then I export as avi, but the video is black.

    Here is action script

    timer = 0;
    var listener = new...
  16. how can i create professional flash video?

    Here is video


    I want to know how this video was created. Is it created...
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    how to resize swf video?


    I want to resize this swf video to smaller size, but I don't know how to type tag?

    How can I resize to smaller size?
  18. which method is best for 10 minutes presentation

    I want to create 10 minutes long presentation, I will put picture along with live person's video that explains about business.
    I will move the video along with picture to look like professional.
  19. picture in picture (sign language presentation with pic)

    I want to create presentation for business with sign language live person video.
    Here is example,


    There is cartoon, but I...
  20. [F8] how to create presentation like this?

    Here is website


    I want to make sign language video presentation like this.
    How can I make like that???

    I have...
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    Jw Flv Player 3.11

    I want to use
    JW FLV PLAYER 3.11(http://www.jeroenwijering.com) , but I can't play the flash video at

    WHat is wrong??

    Here is html code
  22. how to import video?

    There is several ways to import video. When I import video as progressive download, I can't insert text inside of video, but when I import as embeded video, I can insert text. Which way should I...
  23. how to insert text?

    Ok thank you for quick advice!!! I have premiere pro, so I will edit as alpha channel. I know how to save as flv, but should I be progressive download flv or swf(to insert text motion) ???
  24. how to create talking head without background?

    Here is sample


    I want to create sign language version presentation like this. People can see person's talking and text at the same...
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    stop buffering automatically

    I want to put 4 or 5 flash video into 1 page, but all video start to buffer when the page appears, so I want to create PLAY button on video screen like YOUTUBE.

    Here is example ...
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