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  1. STICK with XML

    No matter what you do, you want to stick with XML as your format. Here's why:

    You can use the loadvars command in flash (I think that's what it's called... been away from my project for a couple...
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    As it turns out...

    Neither of them sucks. I figured out how to do it, but it took a little trickiness because it was hidden in a couple obscure menus. I googled for about an hour before I found the solution. If any of...
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    I was afraid of that

    In conclusion, .Net sucks, but we all knew that already.

    Thank you for your assistance anyhow! That clears things up.

    I pose a new question: anyway to put Flash inside of a "wrapper" program I...
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    Flash + Visual Basic?

    I want to put my swf file into a VB program so I can extend some stuff by activeX controls/FSCommand and the like to do some things I can't natively do in Flash itself. I found a really promising...
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    Swf On Xbox?

    Does anyone have a flash player that could potentially work on a modded xbox?
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    Receiving GamePad/Joystick Input

    Is this currently possible with Flash? I know this can at least be emulated by using third-party software (say, if you have a gravis gamepad it comes with gravis' software) that will let you may...
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    Swf decompiling

    I was wondering how to combat the problem of easily decompiling swf files. For instance, if I wanted, I could hop on over to some site, load up someone's flash program, and with one of many programs...
  8. Now THATS a response!

    Thanks a bunch man!

    That's exactly the kind of response I was looking for, and within a very short time of my post as well. While waiting for a response, I found out the thing about having to have...
  9. How to code MovieClip Classes properly

    Hey, I'm trying to code classes in actionscript that will define custom movieclip objects. So I can then, say, have a movieclip that will have its own functions and variables, and will let me create...
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