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  1. Solid background color with a transparent PNG background Image

    Short version of the question: Does any one know how to apply a solid background color with a transparent PNG background Image and NOT have the solid color over-ride the transparency of the PNG.
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    Getting a preloader to work.

    Link to source files:

    Hey every one I'm trying to get a preload movie clip (loaderMovieClip_mc) to show up when an image is being pulled from...
  4. Works like a charm you are the man!

    Works like a charm you are the man!
  5. XML gallery random frist img / and object unload.

    Hello All I'm have two question about a flash XML gallery that I currently working on.

    1) Is there a way to pick a random image node in the XML file - meaning that every time the SWF file loads a...
  6. http://www.johncliffordtaylor.com/workFile.fla

    http://www.johncliffordtaylor.com/workFile.fla <= its all in there.

    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.events.Event;
    import fl.transitions.Tween;
  7. Alpha tweens on a button 3 problems with my AS3

    Hello All I am playing around with AS3 and what I'm trying to do is pretty simple. I have a little test FLA:


    There is a button that when you...
  8. Didn't work

    I went out to a few frames and inserted a frame and the exact same problem happens. Yes now the animation is still present on that frame but many of the montion tweens are in the wrong places like...
  9. ok my motion is on its own timeline and when the...

    ok my motion is on its own timeline and when the so lets say the new motion tween goes for 30 frames and I have a main time line that goes for about 60 frames when the motion tween it all done the...
  10. VERY EASY - How to get a new tween to just stay put

    Quick quest I got a box symbol nothing fancy I applied a motion preset to it and its just a basic bounce. I would like it when the bounce is over the box would just stay still on the stage and the...
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    Stop actions on Stage timeline VS. a movieClip timeline.

    I guess I'm confused n what

    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    is doing in the stop action.

    There was a new development in all this I removed the stop action from inside the movieClip time line...
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    The movieClip is stopping but I'm getting an error.

    The movie clip is stopping now. I'm not sure why simply dragged a new version of the movie clip out on stage name it box_mc. Made another 25 frame animation on one layer an then added the stop script...
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    Can't even get a stop action to work.

    Jebus I feel like the dumbest flash developer out there. I can't even get a stop action to work.

    Ok I have a simple little tween of a box moving across stage. The instance name of the box is...
  14. Can some one show me the most basic way to load an image into flash with XML (AS3)

    Guys there is no fight left in me I'm totally beat to a pulp.
    could some one plz show me how to load ONE image via XML into flash.
    No buttons no tweens not second images or changes gallerys just...
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    The problem is that I download the updates buy...

    The problem is that I download the updates buy going to: Help > Find updates.
    They download and then it says "we need to restart windows for these updates to take effect" or somthing quite close to...
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    Some surface level suggestions:

    Just a few things that I have noticed:

    -Flash CS4 crashes A LOT! There haven’t been this many crash issues since it was under MacroMedia flag with Flash MX

    -The updates will not install...
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    I will say it does seem to be more about clean today...

    I have to say your right it seems less and less like I get a project in flash that I can really sink my teeth into (animation wise) the last one I did was about a year ago.
    It seems all about clean...
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    I guess I feel the code based animations is for lighter animation projects...

    I mean I consider my self pretty action script proficient. Not a master, but good enough. but the idea of creating a really animation heavy site/page/banner what ever makes my head spin.

    Do you...
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    A new and better way to animate?

    So I'm a long time flash Dev and Design guy I do it all AS front end projectors XML feeds all that good stuff. But the one thing that almost all of my project have in common is that require animation...
  20. I got a great XML swf/image gallery working.

    Ok I got something working its your basic XML gallery. The only thing that I'm having a hard time with is pulling random images part.

    ActionScript 3.0

    // import tweener
  21. WOW! Thats a whole lot of code and most of it ...

    WOW! Thats a whole lot of code and most of it don't know what its doing or how to amend it successfully. What I'm going to do is study the topics you suggested:

    I will be posting the...
  22. Thx you so much for your help right now any...

    Thx you so much for your help right now any progress I make is labored at best.


    right now I'm just simply playing with pulling elements from the...
  23. Thank you so much for the lesson sylibus I will...

    Thank you so much for the lesson sylibus I will get looking at those topics right away.
  24. Sequential to random image order on a banner.

    I'm not really looking for a specific answer but really more something that I can target my research around.

    Here is what I'm working with:
    -this all need to pre-load.

    -I need to build a...
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    Also this may be helpfull this is the about.com...

    Also this may be helpfull this is the about.com article that I ripped the code from:

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