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    Adding Buddy Icons via flash

    Does anyone out there know if its possible to allow a user to click a button, that loads a new buddy icon into their aol?
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    Looking for a New Job, need a new link

    Does anyone have any good sites that list creative jobs... I already work in a communications company, but Im trying to get out of the muck and into the goodstuff... I need a lead to a better greener...
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    dont know if this is any help

    Ive played around with the game of one file versus many, and to be honest Ive had just as much success with one as having it separate. Your issue of file size may not reside in the flash...
  4. So I have been workin on this site, and for the...

    So I have been workin on this site, and for the longest time, I just get something up, then tear it out and start over, but in the process of it all, I havent seemed to accomplish anything completely...
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