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    I would be happy to help

    Here is a link of something that I have done recently for Thanksgiving.
    I don't have my portfolio site up yet but I think this...
  2. Hello, I just sent you a Private Message. Let...

    I just sent you a Private Message. Let me know if I can help.
  3. Everything is better now and the project is a go....

    Everything is better now and the project is a go. I threw in a clause stating that I will make every good-faith effort to test the Alpha version thoroughly and make all necessary corrections as a...
  4. client wants error-free clause in monster project

    She wants a mega 3D/Flash custom spec order form by Jan 1st with no errors. I'm working hourly. Essentially my client wants to charge me if anything goes wrong. She's protesting my clause saying
  5. makes me wonder

    I find it ironic that they don’t use their principal product on the same page that they try and sell their products. If they’re worried about the plug-in issue, why do it in Flash on the other...
  6. shop pages of MX 2004 site - no flash menu?

    I apologize if I'm not asking this in the right room. http://www.macromedia.com has a nice little flash menu on top. http://shop.macromedia.com has a non-Flash version of the same thing. Can...
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