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  1. The bit rate

    Hi Video Man,
    thanks for next hints. I reduced the video bit rate. The file size is now 1.5MB, hope that visually is still acceptable, I can't compress it more. My preloader is oldfashioned as the...
  2. Thanks :)

    You helped me much Video Man, God bless you! I will have to learn all this things, Action Script is a powerfull tool :)
    It works now fine in Mozilla:


    But for some...
  3. Hi Video Man, thanks very much for that code...

    Hi Video Man,
    thanks very much for that code but I am doing probably something wrong, because there is no redirection working... My video is just the intro for the website of my Polish village....
  4. How to modify the Action Script 2?

    You are right, I mean progressively downloaded video. I have found tutorial here,


    this is the case when...
  5. How to created preloader for streaming *flv video?

    Hi All,
    Does anybody know any tutorial for creating flash preloader for streaming video? I have found on the Interent many but for heavy pics not for bringing video files into fla file, and this...
  6. Replies

    How to make preloader for *flv video

    Hi All,
    I created animated intro in After Effects for website for my village. The final file was exported
    from AE as *flv. The size was about 3.5 Mb, so I decided to create preloader for it in...
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