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  1. my bg image in flash....quick question.

    well, i've decided to give this a go. I have been looking over tuts and bookmarked alot. So i'm going to start learning flash by building a site for my son as i go.

    My question is this. I have a...
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    this effect.....any tutorials for it?

    Hi, i saw this site mentioned in another thread http://www.zanworld.com

    Does anyone know of any tuts out there that would get me on the right track trying to create a similar transition?
  3. thanks everyone. Rushvision, i took your advice...

    thanks everyone. Rushvision, i took your advice and reinstalled, twice!!!!

    It's working fine now. I don't understand why it did that, but now it's good to go.

    Thanks again for everyones time.
  4. reply

    I have tried other documents and i get the same thing.

    I can't ctrl + click a layer in the layers palette so that it's selected.

    I'm not necessarily trying to use the paint bucket on a layer. ...
  5. reply

    thanks for the response. I should have been more in depth with my post.

    I'm trying to ctrl + click the layer and fill with a color. And i can't do it. For instance, i have a layer with a rectangle...
  6. problems with photoshop CS....help please

    I've installed Photoshop CS v.9. I am unable to control click on a layer to select it. For instance, i'd like to select a layer and simply fill it with a new color, no luck.

    Could i have some...
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    need help with images in flash

    hi all, i have a flash template that i'd like to customize for my son for his baseball team. The online tuts for template customizing are telling me to open the psd in photoshop and customize the...
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    help with flash template please.......

    Hi, i've downloaded a template from a site that i'd like to work with in flash. I'd like to change text, images, etc. It's from a template site and they say it's ok to download it and play with it in...
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    need help/advice on a site template

    Hi everyone. I'd like to get a site up and running for my sons baseball team.

    I can put a site up easily, but to be honest, i'm not a very good web designer.

    Are there any template resources...
  10. thanks

    Thanks for the replies.

    yinyang, check out the link that 3primates gave. Another nice thing is that the support is good as well.
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    I like it. But i personally think that the stroke on the text is to strong. Is that a one pixel stroke? Try a one pixel black stroke, but try setting the opacity to about 30 or so. That may soften it...
  12. nice.


    I think if you just tone it down a bit, the site will be really cool

    I really like the layout, graphics, etc.

    Maybe lose the custom cursor and, in my opinion, lose the "flashing"...
  13. Thanks Abelius. I was considering changing...

    Thanks Abelius.

    I was considering changing over to the SpectrInfo gallery in the other link.

    What do you think? Stick with what i have?

  14. Please check out my flash gallery. Change it?

    Hi, i've been using flash photo gallery at this link for awhile. I like it but was wondering if there are better options out there.

    If anyone has any suggestions/opinions, etc. i'd appreciate it....
  15. Thread: review

    by MenionLeah

    good start

    I think you have a good start to a very nice site.

    All of your graphics for buttons, links, etc. look bad. Like they've been optimized to much.

    I also think that you should go with a different...
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    i like it

    I think it's nice. So what if it's not flashy and a bit plain.

    I think the minimalism fits well with a martial arts site.

    Someone said if they wanted to check out html pages, they would got to...
  17. Please take a look at my site. Advice appreciated.

    Please take a look at my site.

    The main problem i'm having is the images on the main page. They are in layers(i use DW). I did this because when i tried to place the photos on the bg image in...
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    Need help with CSS and Dreamweaver.

    Hi, i would like to start learning to use CSS in my web design. I've been exploring the styles definition panel, etc. in Dreamweaver trying to pick up on a few things.

    I'm basically getting...
  19. re:

    I am using photoshop 7.0 to try and achieve this, not Flash.

    Thanks for the response, any other advice would be great.
  20. How would i do this gradient effect on a photo?

    Hi, i have a picture and i would like it to "fade" from its original colors to black & white. Like a gradient effect.Not sure how to accomplish this and any help would be great.

    I am using...
  21. hmmm....

    This is strange. I double checked my settings, etc. Not sure about how to adjust the gamma.

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled and same problem occurs.

    Jpegs and Gifs look very dark and...
  22. Problems with Photoshop after reinstall.....please help.

    I recently reformatted my pc and reinstalled photoshop and imageready.

    Now when i view my digital photos in photoshop they are very dark. However, they look perfectly fine in imageready.

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    image gallery v.1

    Dinofish, i would like to use image gallery with amfphp v.1 on our website. I've downloaded the gallery from Sephiroth and i've downloaded the amfphp files. I've created the necessary dir's (i...
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    Minor, thanks for the reply. I've emailed you,...

    Minor, thanks for the reply. I've emailed you, can't seem to get the zip file off of yahoo.

    Thanks again.
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    Hi, here is a link to my menu, what there is of...

    Hi, here is a link to my menu, what there is of it.


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