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  1. Unfortunately not allowed to say but a fair...

    Unfortunately not allowed to say but a fair amount compared to your average flash game I would imagine, there is alot of stuff happening both front and back end.

    Its' been an interesting...
  2. Thanks for all the feedback guys, We are...

    Thanks for all the feedback guys,

    We are taking in all that has been and will be said about the game here and will continue to iterate on the game.

    We built the game because our company is...
  3. Oh yes also we our game doesn't require...

    Oh yes also we our game doesn't require authentication from the email address just put in any old email address and you can start playing right away. We only do this for users who might forget...
  4. reply to Squize

    Hey Squize,

    I'll see what I can do, you can select 'play now' from the main menu, and you can play the first level without registering. Reason for registering is because the game has multiple...
  5. [Complete] www.wizarddefense.com (tower defense)

    Dang messed up my title earlier,

    anyhow we proudly present www.wizarddefense.com, for all you gamers and flash devs and artists out there.

    Please comment and critique us.

  6. Replies

    Tower defense! www.wizarddefense.com

    Hey guys,

    I work for a games company and we just released a flash based tower defense game that will hopefully kill alot of productivity for you guys. ;)

    We appreciate all comments and...
  7. Thread: Wizards!

    by ellington


    Hey guys,

    Thought I post up a project an arm of the games company I work for has been working on. It's art, animation and interaction heavy, it's a tower defense game which we put alot of love in...
  8. I humbly submit our game. Please critique.

    Hey guys,

    I work with a fairly new games company and we built a Flash tower defense game, trying to make the best tower defense game in the genre ;). We been stealth for awhile but figured I'd...
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