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  1. v7-AS3 I used this syntax to underscore the AS2 eg...

    I used this syntax to underscore the AS2 eg btn1._enabled = false; btn1._visible = false; I believe that the way it was shown the example of buttonMode he is using this syntax 2.0. I'm not a deep...
  2. v7-AS3 Observation

    I noticed the following regarding the error of Actionscript 1 this happens when you insert a 1 actionscript code within a MovieClip that has some effect of KoolMoves. That is, if you use effects, can...
  3. v7-AS3 This is an internal error in KoolMoves?

    I'm have a big problem and I suspect it is an internal KoolMoves.
    I have a file KoolMoves (attached) in the second frame shows an error within the environment of KoolMoves saying that the...
  4. Thread: Windows 7

    by DanielGianni

    Im using windows 7 rc also, I have proven the...

    Im using windows 7 rc also, I have proven the excellent performance of KoolMoves this platform.
  5. v7-AS3 Very thanks, work fine!!!

    Very thanks, work fine!!!
  6. v7-AS3 Event.ENTER_FRAME get actual frame inside event

    I need to set up a movie as follows:

    - 5 frames
    - Frame 1 - empty
    - Frame 2 - ActionScript 3
    - Frame 3 - one circle and one label
    - Frame 4 - one square and one label
    - Frame...
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    v7-AS3 This solution code is...

    var activeMic = Microphone.getMicrophone(); //correct call

    activeMic.setLoopBack(true);//plays captured audio to speakers
    activeMic.setUseEchoSuppression(true);// enables echo supression,...
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    v7-AS3 The problem is events

    I discovered that almost every difficulty that I'm trying to refer to events in AS3 KoolMoves, for example, after testing several times realized that the event ENTER_FRAME does not work, I need to...
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    v7-AS3 Identify Microphone Activities

    I apologize to all of you, for I am posting a lot of questions, usually do not use this board often, but ActionScript 3 in KoolMoves has made me a great challenge especially in the event.

    The code...
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    v7-AS3 Resolved

    Chris_Seahorn, Magnificent thus worked very well. Thanks for your help.
  11. Resolved

    I found that really were the values passed. The value reached by incorrect processing of the vector, vector swapped for variable rates and now it worked, thanks to everyone who helped.
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    v7-AS3 Thanks, I think I'll have to study to develop...

    Thanks, I think I'll have to study to develop custom events then.
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    v7-AS3 textbox OnChange in AS3.0 not work?

    txt1.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, setText);

    function setText(e:Event):void {

    but I tried and did not work, txt3 is never set as changed, see if I put txt1.Text...
  14. Correction

    sorry everyone, I just could not explain right. I have a file in FLEX3 sending a LocalConnection a value of the frame to change the "page".
    No flash (KoolMoves) I have to get that value and move to...
  15. [RESOLVED] MovieClip(root).gotoAndPlay(4)

    I'm trying to do the simplest of interactions, I wish to call a function that jumps to the frame whose number is specified as the parameter of the function in text format.

    :yikes: But as...
  16. v7-AS3 Thank you very much for your help clarify my...

    Thank you very much for your help clarify my doubt. Really thank you.
  17. v7-AS3 [RESOLVED] Drag and Drop is possible???

    I can not do a drag and drop the labels of the buttons to text boxes. I needed that the value of the button (name) could be completed in the text box when I drag and drop the button in the text box....
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