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  1. Did you figure this out?

    Were you ever able to figure this out?
    I'm looking for a .fla file to study this effect myself,
    however I'm having a hard time finding any info on how
    this was done.
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    Did you get this figured out?

    I was wondering if you were ever able to figure this effect out.
    Is there a .fla file available to use as an example on this? I'll make you cookies!
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    How is this effect made

    There is an interesting effect on this site. www.bsfllp.com

    When you select a button, background pictures move left to right and as they do, there are transparent vertical bar appearences that...
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    Cool but not

    I think the graphics are cool, but to follow the 1 x 10 pixel arrow is just too dang weird for me and makes using the site rather annoying.
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    How is this Effect made?

    I was curious if someone could point me to a tutorial
    that shows how to make this star effect or something
    similar to what they did here with the star.

  6. How much would an agency charge for this...

    Greetings all.

    I have a client that wants a regular-sized poster designed (6x4) which will feature text and a stock photo which will probably cost about $500. Without the printing costs, can...
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    MG315, that's a great idea.... I wish i had...

    MG315, that's a great idea....

    I wish i had though of that when I was 20 in college and needed a buck!

    I actually do that now with a different web technology and it works great! I can't say...
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    My thoughts and $$ op

    I dislike it. There's hardly any focus point on any given page once you get past the home. Things are hard to read and i'm only 23. Plus, pages take too long to load and i'm on a cable. sorry...
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    Well, thanks for the laughes anyways...I guess...

    Well, thanks for the laughes anyways...I guess I'm stuck with the cool sites area.
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    1. Buy a suit and wear it....this is a must. ...

    1. Buy a suit and wear it....this is a must.

    2. When you get there, socialize for a few, comment on anything you can think of to get casual conversation started. This will help you to learn their...
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    Avoid Omnis.com

    Avoide Omnis.com.

    They were good, but then they got hacked and my stuff got screwed up. Great prices, but they got hacked. enough said
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    Inspiration needed for new intro

    I need some inspiration for a new flash intro...something that will excite the user in the end. Anyone got any good leads?
  13. Is it possible to call a Java Applet with Flash?

    I'm making a flash projector and need to display a java applet within my interface. Is this possible? I'm displaying a virtual tour image...see www.sightsee360.com to see what they look like.
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    JavaScript Pop up window code

    If someone goes to Page X of my site, I want it popup a new window that's loads Page Y, and then I want the Page X window to close on its own.

    I also need to control the size of the pop up window....
  15. $50 to fix this simple JavaScript problem

    I will pay $50 by either paypal or snailmail to the first person who is able to successfully fix this javascript problem. I am a man of my word and you will be paid if you can help me.

    Please go...
  16. Simple HTML Form Question - Please Help!

    I need to disable a submit button (within an HTML based form) from being activated when the user presses the ENTER key.

    I have a form on a site and people keep pressing enter instead of using the...
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    any results?

    If anyone does find a downloadable version of the actual font on the image dive site, could they tell me where to get it? I like it =)

    Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello- I'm sure there's someone out there...


    I'm sure there's someone out there who's asked this before but I couldn't find any relevant posts.

    I was hoping someone could direct me to a good tutorial with information on how to...
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    It's not right to use pirated software...you...

    It's not right to use pirated software...you could go to jail for that.
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    [/B] Although I've read about the G5...


    Although I've read about the G5 for quite a while, I have not seen a release date, or even product information. Do you have any confirmation on this?

    -xample [/B][/QUOTE]

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    I'd seriously consider waiting 3 months, and buy...

    I'd seriously consider waiting 3 months, and buy a G5 when it comes out.

    Or wait till the G5 comes out, and buy one of the dual processor G4 units on markdown, and pick up one of the 22 inch...
  22. Re: Re: jobs are useless


    That kind of depressing. Had a bad day?

    http://www.scottmanning.com/ [/B][/QUOTE]

    No you misunderstood me. I mean being an employee working to make someone else rich is...
  23. Re: Re: jobs are useless


    Jeez. What a downer. Smile. Each job you get adds to that portfolio and adds to your profits. Everyone's got to start somewhere. [/B][/QUOTE]

    No you misunderstood me. I mean...
  24. thanks

    dude your awesom....

    by the way, how come i see posts from you in every forum i go into? do you have time for anything else in life? eating, drinking, hanging out?
  25. jobs are useless

    A job is a short term solution to a long term problem.

    Either way, you'll always be stuck in the rat race working for someone else.
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