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  1. CS3 Thanks for the suggestion. Some of these work,...

    Thanks for the suggestion. Some of these work, but have a knock-on effect...

    Once I have rolled over the button once and had its depth changed, it is then unable to be targetted with the following...
  2. CS3 Help with moving depth of "myself" upwards

    A/S 2

    Hi all,
    I am hoping to get some code for making this work...

    Basically I have a bunch of movie clips on the main timeline which all act as buttons (all uniquely named)

    Inside these...
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    CS3 Cant double-click SWFs any more....strange

    Hi all

    Suddenly this week, I am no longer able to doubleclick SWFs on my PC and have them open up in their own little SWF preview window. It is asking me to choose how I want to open them. There...
  4. CS3 Thanks for the reply This does stop it from...

    Thanks for the reply

    This does stop it from playing the first track but it messes up the buttons. i.e. there is no PLAY button to start the track, so there must be something in a function that...
  5. CS3 Help please with this script, sure its simple :)

    I have a Flash MP3 player which I downloaded. It works fine but I want to make it so that it doesnt autoplay the first tune when it loads.

    Heres the script, Id appreciate any help with making...
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    Flash8 Possible to smooth multiple images?

    I have an animation made up of over 150 frames exported from a 3d program

    I need smoothing turned on on all images as it is resized on the stage

    Is there a way to apply smoothing to all images...
  7. [F8] Flash animation export to video - AVI very slow?

    I need to create an animation in Flash and supply it as a video file.

    It involves animating some text/client logo and some shapes/fades etc

    I have tried a quick test and exported as an AVI...
  8. [F8] Mole smash style flash game source...?

    I am working on a site for a charity and they want to try and get a flash game on there with very little budget

    They like the old mole smash style game (like this:...
  9. not sure, either way the case matches, it is all...

    not sure, either way the case matches, it is all upper case
  10. Can anyone offer any ideas - flv just wont load in...

    I have a Flash movie which uses the flash video component in Flash CS3

    It references an external .flv file

    I have completed this project and uploaded to my test server and it works fine

  11. [F8] "browse cdrom" link on a projector file menu...?

    hi all

    I am creating a FLash projector as a menu for a CDROM. I am using BAT files in a fscommand folder to launch specific files

    We want to also have a link in the Flash menu which basically...
  12. hopefully Ive been clear enough in my question?

    hopefully Ive been clear enough in my question?
  13. [F8] Any tutorials for making sites that transition in and out?

    I am looking for info/tutorials on how to structure a Flash website, one with each menu section as a loaded movie, and where each section has a transition to introduce the content, and also to...
  14. [F8] Are SharedObjects the best way to go?

    I am new to Shared Objects and dont know much about them. We want to have a flash animation that continues where it left off when a site visitor clicks through different pages of the HTML site
  15. [F8] Movie doesnt load right on a MAC! Help please

    I have a flash movie which uses an external xml file to load in some thumbnails and large images like a gallery

    My client has reported that on their MAC in both safari and firefox that the flash...
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    any ideas if this is possible, plus is it...

    any ideas if this is possible, plus is it possible to center a symbol horizontally no matter how wide the header has become?

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    [F8] Stretchy Flash

    I am trying to achieve an effect like the header of this site: http://www.ecowise.co.uk/

    It's header stretches to fill the width of the site if you change the size of the browser. Rather than it...
  18. [F8] possible to play a range of frames then stop?

    If I have a frame-by-frame animation of say 25 frames, is it possible to have a button play frames 12 to 17 then stop, and another button play frames 3 to 19 then stop, for example.

    I have lots of...
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    this happens every time I open this file I am...

    this happens every time I open this file

    I am working on this file after a few weeks and its still the same
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    Actionscript editor very slow

    Flash Pro 8

    I have a Flash movie I am working on. It is pretty big (fla is about 90Mb) it's for a presentation.

    Flash itself runs fine, I can do everything without a problem until I come to...
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    Auto run CDROM for both MAC and PC

    I have been asked to create a CDROM in Flash that autoboots in both PC and MACs

    What do I need to achieve this? I can do a PC only one, but how do you specify on the CD what should boot and when?...
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    vibrato possible in Flash?

    Is it possible to add a control in Flash to add vibrato to a target sound and control its speed and depth?

    (a constant wobble in pitch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibrato )

    Can Flash do stuff...
  23. Thread: Hd 720?

    by reedy2k

    Hd 720?

    On istockvideo theres is a downloadable format called HD720

    Can this be imported into Flash?

    I need the video to appear fullscreen in a presentation, the file is about 300Mb, will Flash manage...
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    Dual screen screensavers

    I currently use Flashforge to create screensavers from Flash files

    We need to create a saver that runs accross a dual screen set-up. Default Windows screensavers do this fine and fill both...
  25. Synchronisation with a soundtrack......advice please


    I am soon to begin building a Flash game that will include a soundtrack

    This ideally will be a complete track. The idea is that the player has to do various things in time with the music
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